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Resort Properties/Silverpoints scam exposed on you tube

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I have just received formal notification that the State Prosecutor in Tenerife has ordered a FULL BLOWN CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION against Resort Properties and 21 of their employees.

On the 11th April an official notification from court No. 3 in Tenerife was published stating that on the 22 December 2011 the State Prosecutor ordered the police to perform a full investigation.

As part of the investigation I was delighted to see that the list of indicted people included MARK CUSHWAY CEO of Resort Properties.

So, MR ALBERTO GARCIA, head of enforcement of the RDO what do you have to say about this?

Will you STILL chose to IGNORE the statements of over 250 people? Will you STILL chose to COVER UP a fraud currently standing at 375 MILLION EUROS?
HOW much do you get paid by Resort Properties to turn a blind eye? Is it REALLY enough to EASE your conscience?

And to the RDO, what do you have to say?

Will you STILL ignore the fact that one of your BIGGEST members, indeed one of your LEADING spokespeople for the RDO and the timeshare industry, MR MARK CUSHWAY has being indicted for his involvement in a MULTI MILLION EURO FRAUD?


Maybe when ALBERTO GARCIA and the RDO are also indicted because of their involvement in this SCAM my questions will be answered……….

Oh, and MR GARCIA in case you can’t find this PUBLIC document here is the letter from the State Prosecutor AND an extract from the OFFICIAL document listing the people who have been indicted.

Querella without victim names State Prosecuter Tenerife
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  1. AP says:

    It is amazing but very sad to see how many of us has fallen for the same lies. Here is my story:

    While on holiday in Tenerife in December 2001 my partner and I were approached by ticket people “doing holiday research “We won, and to claim our prize, were asked to attend a presentation that would last no more than an hour. We were taken by taxi to the offices of L.A. Trading. I cannot remember the name of the salesman. We were taken up to view the Hollywood Mirage. We were told that the prices for ownership for an apartment were about £10,000 and would represent a good investment as the prices could only go up. It was also pointed out that this would be good for our children to inherit. Originally I declined the offer to buy one as at the time I could not afford this amount. The sales rep informed me that he knew of somebody who was desperate to sell due to divorce and was asking £6,500. After he went away to ring the man I was informed that the seller had agreed to drop the price by £1,000 if we could proceed that day. We agreed as we would be getting cheap holidays after paying a nominal maintenance cost, which was unlikely to raise much. I was taken back to my hotel to get my card to pay a deposit of £1,000 that day, then pay the remainder some weeks later.
    The next day we had second thoughts and actually went to the municipal centre in Los Cristianos for advice. We were issued with a letter in Spanish and took it up to LA Trading offices where we spoke to the manageress (I can’t remember her name) We were informed that the letter meant nothing because it was a private sale, although I cannot recall being told who actually the original owner was. We were persuaded that we could not do anything about it, without ruining our holiday and possibly loosing the £1,000 deposit. At the time of the original meeting we had been drinking quite a lot and actually given more beer during this meeting which lasted four hours.

    During our next holiday at the Mirage Mr Dave Taylor introduced himself as our holiday rep. We were shown an apartment in the Beverly Hills Club. This was sold to us for around £3,500 which we were told was very cheap, on the promise that he would swap it for a similar one for one either end of out week in the Mirage. He even gave us a letter saying this, and actually gave us a free holiday to prove he was genuine. The apartment we bought was for the autumn.
    On our next holiday which was through RCI at the Palm Beach club we were approached by a Danish rep called Lena who told us she could help us. She managed to sell us an apartment that next to ours in the Hollywood mirage, and we were assured that the week in the Beverly Hills club would be sold for a good price. I think we paid around £3000 for the apartment.

    Finally in March 2006 when we were using our apartment in the Palm Beach we were again approached with a “solution to our problems” We were sold another two bedroom flat for a balance of £4,100 after giving us around £800 and £1200 for the other two flats. A deposit of £1,000 was taken by Visa that day.
    They have pressurised us a number of times about buying as an investment, but luckily could not afford to, and did not want to take a loan as suggested.

    At one of these meetings I recognised Dave Taylor and pointed him out and he told me that everything would be sorted out – then he wasn’t seen again. All in all I think we have been taken for a fool, always leaving hope, and any “solutions” involve them making more money.
    During this period the names have changed from LA Trading to Resort Properties to Silverpoint, as well as the Palm Beach changing for a while. It has been the same offices and same people. Unfortunately I have only kept the certificates of the two flats we own, and all other paperwork has been thrown away. I did not want a reminder of how gullible we had been


  2. Similar Story says:

    Dear Readers,

    My story is very similar to all others: (unfortunately)

    Our problems started in May 2008 when we went on holiday to the Palm beach club for our one weeks holiday which we had bought previously.
    We were invited to a meeting to see if we were happy with our holiday and were in for the whole afternoon.

    The salesman (Nick i think was his name) told us we may be eligible to invest in buying property from them as they were not allowed to buy but were able to sell and we would make a lot of money off of the investment. He made out that we were lucky to get into the deal as not everyone was allowed into it. He also showed us someones bank statement that showed the amount of money we could make.

    By the end of the afternoon we had a loan for 25,000 pounds from Barclay’s and were the owners of 6 weeks holidays at the Palm Beach and Holiday Mirage club which would sell at a good profit.We have been paying this loan back ever since and are just coming up to halve way through the loan (£304.63p each month)
    Nothing happened in the next year until we went back the following year when the recession got the blame for no sales.

    We were pulled in for another meeting and during the course of a long afternoon we were told the best idea would be to invest in a luxury City apartment at the cost of £20.000 but there was no need to worry as they would set up the loan so we would not have to pay anything for a year (i think as by this time we just wanted to get out to get on with our holiday)
    In that year it would be sold at a profit and we would be able to pay off our other loan.

    During this time on top of the loans we had maintenance to pay (about £2,000 a year)
    Just before we went on holiday the following year £1000 was taken off my bank account.
    When we got there we were taken in again and met Jo Jenkins (now Taylor) and she did the best one yet.
    She took our remaining weeks from 2008 and gave us the best two weeks at Holiday Mirage that were guaranteed to sell Quickly and took £4050 from us as well.
    This took the absolute last of our life savings and meant that i had to take a further loan out for £19000 when i got back to the UK. This i have been paying back at £451.87 a month since November 2010 and will not be paid off until November 2016

    Since then all it has been is all work and no holidays. I have tried numerous times by e mail and phoning but when i do eventually get a response it is always the same that they are trying hard to sell off my weeks as it is their best interests as their sales people are on commission. They suggested in 2011 that the City apartment would sell better if we reduced the price to, 16000 pounds but on another phone call i was also told that the City apartments would not be up for sale until 2015.

    We truly believe that all these sales have been miss sold to us taking advantage of us not being able to withstand their selling tactics.

    Apart from the monetary situation the stress it has put on our marriage and having to work 6 to 7 days a week for 2 and a half years with nothing to look forward to except paying loans really is beginning to take its toll.

    Finally all we want is our lives back.


    I have been a prisoner in my timeshare for 11 yrs. I had a timeshare at the BEVERLYHILLS club TENERIFE and I had asked many times to hand back the week I owned,only to be told that it was not possible. The contract was originally with resort properties and was taken over by Silverpoint. I explained that I could no longer use my week or pay the yearly fees, only to be told that it was a lifetime contract and they would not help, they even threatened me with court action for non payment!!!! Then , out of the blue , they contacted me , on September 24th 2013 , and said that they were prepared to take the week back from me, obviously I jumped at the chance, and I now have conformation thztbi no longer own the week or are liable for any further payments!!! Why the change of heart by Silverpoint , can anyone explain????

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