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I have received a few comments from readers who think I have been unfair in my comments about the mindtimeshare blog written by Alberto Garcia.

So, let me make my point very clear.

I have no doubt that Mr Garcia has indeed helped people who have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous Timeshare/Holiday Club operators. He “outs” the bad guys on his blog and his success is frequently applauded by the RDO.

In this respect I too applaud his efforts.

However, the reason I started this blog was because, in my opinion, Mr Garcia is unfairly biased. I believe that he is helping to cover up the fraudulent activities of Resort Properties/Silverpoints because he has a personal interest in doing so.

I know for a fact that the activities of Resort Properties/Silverpoints have been brought to his attention on many an occasions by those who have been ripped off by them, and I know that he is fully informed about their “ investment” scam. Yet on his blog he has yet to post ONE SINGLE warning about them?

When I started my blog it was to provide a platform for people like me who had suffered at the hands of Resort Properties/Silverpoints to publish their stories as a warning to others.

For those of you who think I am being unfair I urge you to read again the stories on my blog and ask yourselves the same question as me. WHY does Alberto Garcia continue to turn a blind eye the biggest timeshare fraud happening right under his nose?


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  1. Gary Millward says:

    Its about time someone did this, i knew there was no truth behind that Mr Garcia, giving it the big one on all what he calls relevant topics within the timeshare industry but forgets to mention about where all the scams start……direct from the resorts and the developers. On many occassions have i brought up to mind timeshare how mislead i was when buying my ownerships which cost me 1,000´s but no topics started nor any advise to stop other poeple been victims. I will be advertising this website to as many people within the timeshare industry as i can. Good Luck with the site and thank you, ” Mr Garcia, the dogs are barking”