Criminal investigation against Resort Properties


I have just received formal notification that the State Prosecutor in Tenerife has ordered a FULL BLOWN CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION against Resort Properties and 21 of their employees.

On the 11th April an official notification from court No. 3 in Tenerife was published stating that on the 22 December 2011 the State Prosecutor ordered the police to perform a full investigation.

As part of the investigation I was delighted to see that the list of indicted people included MARK CUSHWAY CEO of Resort Properties.

So, MR ALBERTO GARCIA, head of enforcement of the RDO what do you have to say about this?

Will you STILL chose to IGNORE the statements of over 250 people? Will you STILL chose to COVER UP a fraud currently standing at 375 MILLION EUROS?
HOW much do you get paid by Resort Properties to turn a blind eye? Is it REALLY enough to EASE your conscience?

And to the RDO, what do you have to say?

Will you STILL ignore the fact that one of your BIGGEST members, indeed one of your LEADING spokespeople for the RDO and the timeshare industry, MR MARK CUSHWAY has being indicted for his involvement in a MULTI MILLION EURO FRAUD?


Maybe when ALBERTO GARCIA and the RDO are also indicted because of their involvement in this SCAM my questions will be answered……….

Oh, and MR GARCIA in case you can’t find this PUBLIC document here is the letter from the State Prosecutor AND an extract from the OFFICIAL document listing the people who have been indicted.

Querella without victim names State Prosecuter Tenerife
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  1. Keith says:

    Dear Mrs Wilson

    We too have been conned out of our life savings by this company. The upset and stress this has caused has been at times unbearable. All we want is to get out money back and get our lives back on track. We believed like everyone else that these people were our friends and never believed they could rip us off in such a cruel and calculated way – how do these people sleep at night? What if their parents had been conned out of their life savings? Someone has to put a stop to this and I hope with enough people coming together we can get these crooks closed down for good.

    Our nightmare began in 2008 with a telephone call offering us 1 week’s holiday with Resort Properties in Tenerife at the Hollywood Mirage. This was with the condition of attending a presentation whilst we were there. Confident of our ability to resist their sales talk we agreed.

    Once there a sales rep. Called Gordon McClennan visited us to make an appointment at their sales office.

    The presentation lasted about 6 hours. At the onset we made it very clear we would not buy anything, his reply was that he did not want to sell us any time share, but that he could show us a way to make some money.

    This involved buying several weeks in their properties with the assurance they would be resold in a year or two at a good profit. All the doubts and queries we raised
    were answered in such a way it did seem possible to double our money.

    The sales manager Carl joined the meeting and re-enforced the advantages of the deal. Finance was quickly arranged with Barclays Partner Finance for £25,000. We were told they would push the sales through, saying until the resale they would not get their commission.

    A few days later having spent our supposed holiday time worrying about what we had committed to, we returned to the sales office to cancel the agreement. We expected some unpleasantness but that they would have to agree. Gordon said he understood our concerns but he would speak to his manager Carl to see if he could offer us a very special deal not available to everybody.

    This turned out to be the original deal plus one week 2 in a City Paradiso apartment. Plus they would give us a free apartment week at Hollywood mirage to be sold by them as a priority to pay the finance whilst the other properties were sold. We agreed and Barclays finance loaned another £23,000.

    We were told we could bank all the weeks with them or use them. They would rent the weeks from us for promotional use or to other owners wanting extra weeks.

    During our meetings with Carl and Gordon we were made to feel they believed in their product and genuinely wanted us to make money with them. We had stated we have family commitments in Australia so needed money for air fares on a regular basis and were worried the deal may prevent this again we were reassured we would have more not less money in one to two years time.

    When we returned to Tenerife thirteen months, no money had been earned from apartment rental nor anything sold.

    The same sales rep Gordon met us and arranged an appointment. They we were told that due to the world economic climate no sales were likely to take place other than for a small fraction of their value involving us losing most of our money.

    He said he could rescue the situation and safeguard our money and even make us more. This involved them buying back our weeks, except the City and selling us another city week, telling us two weeks were a much more attractive selling proposition, that potential buyers would prefer.

    With the balance from the six weeks this would still cost £25,000. Believing we had to do this in order not to lose our money we agreed. Again Barclay Finance gave the loan. The fact that Gordon had taken us out to lunch with his wife, took us out for evening drinks and introduced us to his young son made it impossible to believe he was cheating us. He even gave us his personal mobile number. We were made to feel he personally wanted us to make money for us and our family. By now we had spent £70,500.

    When Silver Point took over Resort Properties business they were the only ones to contact us saying our contract would be unchanged and the sales would go ahead. We tried to contact Gordon several times at the office but were always told he was out and he would ring us back. We later found out he did not work for Silver Point.

    When we returned to Tenerife in August 2011, a rep from Silver point called at our apartment and said we must make an appointment with her for our own sakes. At this appointment she told us that all resales had been stopped and the only way we would be able to sell in 2014/2015 when resales started again was if we joined their Registry, this involved access to many more holidays not just the few Paradiso accessed, making it a much more attractive product.

    We made it very clear we had no more money to spend but were told this deal would let us get our money back with profit in the future.

    Once again we felt we had no choice but to agree. The fee they stated was £25,000 but they would take the wk at Hollywood Mirage and Beverley Hills we still had, they gave us 1 week at Palm Beach, then the deal would cost us £12,000. This involved continuing maintenance payments. Again Barclay Finance agreed the loan; at no time in all the deals were any representative from bank or finance company present.

    Due to the very high rate of interest charged by the finance company all the loans were paid off using our savings. Now instead of myself retiring I have to continue working as the security of our savings has gone. This is causing problems with my physical health and I have to take antidepressants as a result of all the stress.

    This business is almost always on our minds and at times causes stress in our relationship. Our total spend has been £82,500 plus all the maintenance fees which we never received any projections for.


  2. Andrew says:

    Great news about Resort Properties. Let’s hope that these guys get exactly what they deserve.

  3. Richard says:

    Looks like the dogs are barking now Mr Garcia!

  4. admin says:

    I know from the many comments I have received that you were all following my conversation with Mark Cushway on yesterday the 19th April.

    Obviously what I had posted hit the right spot with Mr Cushway because he finally responded! And it definitely rattled a few cages elsewhere because this morning the whole thread was removed due to “legal reasons”

    What a shame because after what I have to admit was a somewhat sarcastic response to his first comment (which I felt was just another attempt to fob us all off) I was delighted when he posted his “direct” contact number and pledged to deal with my case personally.

    I informed him that my lawyer would contact him immediately and felt happy that at last we seemed to be getting somewhere.

    However my happiness was somewhat premature!

    My lawyer did call him on his “direct” number, which is actually a direct line to his secretary who informed my lawyer that he wouldn’t be back in the office until Monday!!

    So looks like his heartfelt plea of innocence and his public declaration that all complaints would be dealt with by him personally with speed and efficiency can wait until Monday.

    I will keep you all posted!!

  5. Gary Millward says:

    This is Fantastic news, well done all that has been involved. Silver Point/Resort Properties, RDO & Garcia stand up and be counted.

  6. Jack says:

    Misrepresentation by Resort Properties/Silverpoint.

    I write on behalf of my wife and myself.

    We were first introduced to Resort Properties by having “won” a holiday in one of their resorts which we realised when we arrived there was conditional upon accepting a presentation from Resort Properties. Now we cannot escape the very strong feeling that we have been conned out of our savings as follows:-

    1. At the above first meeting in September 2000 we were coerced into purchasing 6 time share weeks as an investment having been told that by buying 6 we got them at well below market value so would be able to be sold by them at a considerable profit. We signed an agreement that enabled Resort Properties to hold the certificates for all the units to facilitate their resale. We did not “need” any of these weeks but understood that we should dispose of them quite quickly. None of these assurances were included in the paperwork we received.

    All subsequent meetings we were persuaded to attend we were assured would only take a morning out of our holiday but invariably we were held there for at least 8 hours.

    In June 2001 we were told that 4 of the weeks had been sold at a small profit so we bought 5 more weeks. At no time were we told the names of buyers and, although advised of the proceeds of sale, we had no way of checking on this. We now realize this was just a bait to reel us more securely into their system because in October 2001 we took their advice to sign an agreement considerably reducing the asking price for each week to less than we had paid for them. Further we later discovered that we were liable for the payment of the maintenance fees on all the apartment weeks we now owned.

    2. Early in 2002, we are not sure of the precise date we were again coerced into buying a 2 bedroom apartment, Island, in Club Paradiso. We were persuaded by their offering us their acceptance of our time share holdings as part payment as a way of reducing our maintenance costs and the assurance that if we owned a 2 bedroom unit we should always be able to take 2 weeks holiday in a 1 bedroom unit thereby saving on maintenance costs. This assurance was honoured for 1 year only after which we were told we could no longer have this exchange, so clearly they lied to us because we now understand that 1 Island membership is considered to be equal to 2 City memberships. (City = 1 bedroom entitlement).

    3. We were coerced, yet again, in October 2007 into converting our interest in Club Paradiso from an Island to 2 City holdings at a cost of £13,950. We were advised that :- a City was in greater demand than an Island so would sell more easily; that Cities were currently selling at £30,000 and were appreciating in value at a steady rate; that Resort Properties would start doing resales of Club Paradiso interests in 2 years time. We therefore accepted that there would be a considerable increase in maintenance fees but believed that we should be able to dispose of our 2 City holdings in 2009 for at least £60,000. None of these promises were confirmed in the paperwork. In 2009 we were told that resales were not yet being undertaken but the situation would be reviewed in 2 years time.

    4. At no time at any of our meetings with Resort Properties representatives were we given a realistic estimate of the escalating costs of maintenance fees nor were we advised of our cancellation rights during the cooling off period, on the contrary we believed that we might loose our deposit if we did not complete the purchase within the specified time. We had been put under considerable pressure to pay the deposit immediately.

    5. Early last year we received a letter from Silverpoint advising us that they had taken over Resort Properties and extolling the many ways in which they would be giving us a better service than we had from Resort Properties. We then wrote to them by email asking them to sell our 2 Cities. We were advised that they could not yet deal with resales but the situation would be reviewed in 2 years time, so no change. We now believe that this was not a takeover but just a change of name. We did not receive any advice of the “take over” from Resort Properties. It would seem that Resort Properties/Silverpoint intend that we should never be able to rescind the contract for the 2 Cities so we have no other option but to refer to the court.

    6. When we first met Resort Properties I was 69 and my wife 68, now we are both 80. We have spent £50,000 at Resort Properties and received about £5,000 for the few sales they obtained and we must have spent nearly £10,000 on maintenance fees. This is NOT what I would call a good investment. NOTHING they have promised us about this investment has materialized – in fact it’s the complete opposite – it has just become a financial burden around our necks

    We were cajoled, pressured and lied to at every turn.

    We now believe that people should be warned about Resort Properties/Silverpoint. Do not believe the reps/managers when they tell you that your purchase is an investment – I have first-hand experience that it isn’t.

    Make sure ALL the verbal promises that they make you are written into the contract

    If they refuse to include the verbal promises in the contract then DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.

    I have


  7. John says:

    We want to share our experience with Resort Properties and hope it acts as a warning to others.

    We feel very strongly that the misrepresentation and duplicity we experienced at the hands of the Resort Properties sales team needs to be stopped so that others do not suffer like we have.

    We both attended what we were told would be a “brief meeting” in early 2006.

    • This turned into 6 and a half hours of pressurised sales pitching.
    • The manager was physically threatening (banging the table with his fist) and very aggressive consequently my wife became very upset and hated how we were treated.
    • We were guaranteed that these “investment weeks” would be resold within months (the company could not trade them as it was illegal?) and that we could expect to double our money

    During October 2006 my wife returned on her own to ascertain the state of our investment

    • She was forced to attend two meetings on separate days
    • She was then coerced into buying into a larger apartment with a further investment increase, she was basically told “if you don’t buy bigger, we will abandon you. (ie. They wouldn’t even try to sell ours).
    • Emails had to be sent to and from myself (in England) to allow the change in ownership from myself to my wife. (Why had it got to be in her name?)
    • None of the salesmen or managers gave their cards and only first names were used, I wonder why!
    • My wife was also put under pressure to give them names and details of friends as referrals. She refused.

    NOTHING we were promised about this “investment” has materialised. We had to take out an extended mortgage to pay for it and it has not realised us one single penny.

    Words cannot adequately describe the feelings that we are left with. They do not answer our phone calls or emails and we are left with worthless paper and a high annual maintenance bill.

    NEVER sign any contract with these people unless EVERYTHING they have promised you is written clearly in the contract


  8. Derek says:

    We were offered a holiday in Feb 2008 with Resort Properties at their Palm Beach Club in Playa de las Americas, whilst there, one of the holiday conditions was for us to speak with one of their agents., this we did.

    This meeting lasted from 10am to 5pm, at the start they requested to see our Credir Cards to prove that we had something “concrete” with us (which they kept so that we could not leave).

    During this meeting we were offered the chance of an “investment” in Palm Beach Resort, which we considered but decided that the amount of money was too large, but after a further 8 hours trundling round their other properties and being talked to, we were brain weary and to get away we agreed to a reduced amount of investment, imagine our surprise when we received timeshare documents in return for £1,000.00 deposit taken by credit card there and then, we told them that we were no longer interested in them, but we had no choice… even in which apartment or time of year and nothing was said about how to use them, or that we would have to pay maintenance on them, and nothing was mentioned about a cooling-off period.

    During our meeting we were told that if we made this investment we would be able to return the following year to get our money back plus interest. This experience left me extremely upset, but they had me over a barrel and we had to pay a further £14,000.00 when we got home to England.

    Determined to get our money back we returned the following year only to be told that as the market had fallen we could not get anything back and we were the proud owners of 4 “timeshare weeks”. However… we could invest further into their next project “Paradise Club” which involved a finance agreement with Barclays for £40,000.00. Again having kept us for over 8 hours we signed up, just to get out of the room. I then had the most traumatic night and the next morning after reading through the papers I found a “get-out clause” and wrote letters to the agents there and their head office and also to Barclays Finance to cancel all agreements that we had been pressured in to.

    Having heard nothing further from Palm Beach Club it was a surprise to us when Silverpoint stared to write to us asking questions about our timeshare weeks, no one had informed us of the take-over of the company.

    Having regularly paid the maintenance money to Palm Beach it was a puzzle as to what Silverpoint was talking about. Again neither Silverpoint nor Resort Properties informed us about the takeover.
    As a result of our dealings with Resort Properties I have suffered a breakdown, we have taken £15,000.00 from our life savings AND we are over £1,000.00 worse off every year by having to pay the maintenance money.

    This was not an investment – we haven’t seen a single penny

    At a later date when i tried to speak at the reception desk in Palm Beach, for help, none was forthcoming and they told me to speak with Resort Property management, but they were not available as their offices were deserted.

    The worst part was when we received the certificate 29 months later we found that we were committed until 2036 and as we are age 70 and 79 this debt would be passed on to our family, to whom it would come as a complete shock. As a result of our dealings with Resort Properties we feel weak and frail and unable to trust anyone.

    Of course all the verbal assurances regarding our “investment” are nowhere to be seen in our contracts. We want to warn people NOT to sign ANYTHING with this company until you have had time to read the contract in full and make sure everything you have been promised is in there. Don’t let the sales people bully you and even if they keep you there for hours just walk away.

    I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what we have gone through


  9. Elizabeth says:

    In February 2009 I was offered a promotion week at Resort Properties Tenerife. I was sold timeshare weeks as an “investment”, I was told by the sales person and his superior that they would cost £25,000. I advised them that I could not afford this but they offered to arrange a loan with Barclays Bank which I accepted. It was arranged that i would return in a year’s time when they would sell the properties for £25,000 and i would be left with one property as a profit.

    When I returned the following February 2010 I was told that they could not sell the properties but they stated that they had a solution. I was sold a penthouse for £10,000 and they took back all the weeks except one. I agreed to buy the second week as Debbie Tervit (sales person), was to arrange rental of the property and this lease of £1,200 would help to cover the costs of maintenance. This did not happen!

    I visited the resort in October 2010 on an RCI week. Debbie stated that she would put the weeks up for sale as she had advised me in February 2010 to come out of RCI points.
    When i returned to the resort in March 2011 I was advised by Debbie Tervit that the properties had been taken over by “Silverpoint”. This was the first time I had been informed of the “Silverpoint” ownership. I was advised by Debbie that Silverpoint were only selling properties that were in the system and my weeks were not in the system. She tried to sell me another deal with Silverpoint, which I refused, since then no further contact has been made.

    I now realise that what I was told was all lies. I invested my capital in good faith, I then had to sell my house quickly at a loss to pay the loan. This whole experience has been a nightmare and even thinking about it makes me very emotional and angry both with myself and Resort Properties.

    I hope your blog warns everyone against these people and at the very least makes them get everything they are told IN WRITING – I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer like we have.


  10. LK says:

    Our unfortunate history with Resort Properties began in July 2006 when staying at Beverley Hills. We were approached by Mr Stephen Coster and invited to Hollywood Mirage. We spent most of that day being cleverly persuaded that, although happy with our holiday arrangements, to buy one of their Time Share Apartments.

    Their sales pitch was very powerful—” we would have so much freedom to holiday anywhere, at very little expense”!

    We were again contacted the next day. Mr Coster told us that we could be “lucky enough” to be given a chance to enter their “re-sale, buy to sell scheme” This was usually only offered to members who had owned one of their Time Shares for at least one year—in our case they would make an exception! Manager Barry Fox was involved too in assuring us that this was a very good “make a profit deal” They would sell us 5 apartments– “easy to sell—and we would almost certainly be back next year to purchase more.” £18,626 was required. After spending another day in their offices we finally agreed. When the agreement was drawn up Barry Fox had kindly given us 8 apartments. Little did we realise till to late, that this was to their advantage not ours! Maintenance was hardly mentioned and we eventually needed to pay £3,056 for 2007 and £3,056 in 2008 With none being sold by October 2007 we returned to Tenerife They then managed to sell one for £2,500, after hours spent complaining of our distress and problems with money.

    The sales team’s answer to our problem was to offer an opportunity to buy into their “flagship” venture Paradiso! We were very reluctant to do so. We wanted our money back, not more properties. Their sales technique was so powerful we almost went ahead. We were able to cancel the agreement with Barclays Partner Finance before we left Tenerife feeling very depressed and ill with worry.

    After many anxious phone calls, they sold one other unit at the reduced price of £1,500 in January 2008

    In October2008 we again went to Tenerife where the pressure to buy into Paradiso was resumed. Stephen Coster, maybe Barry and another man Bruce together with manager Carl Jenkins, assured us that the way to make a profit on the money spent was to own a Paradiso Apartment. They would buy back our remaining six apartments for £750 each and we could use the ‘princely ‘ sum of £4,500 for a Barclay loan monthly repayment until the apartment would be sold within two years.

    In October 2009 they tried to sell us another week as nothing was happening with the ONE week saying, “TWO weeks will be easier to sell to rich Americans !”
    Over the past five years we have made numerous calls. Their duplicitous behavior has left us worried and depressed. We feel quite desperate at the money we owe and are expected to pay in maintenance.

    I hope our dealings with this company act as a warning to others – do not trust anything they say unless you have it in writing.

    The “investment” we were sold is just a terrible financial burden which we regret every single day and we hope that in joining the legal proceedings we will at least get out money back and be released from this stress.


  11. R & M says:

    This is a true and honest account of my dealings with Resort Properties. This company has lied and cheated me over a period of 13 years. None of their promises have ever amounted to anything and in posting this message I hope I can warn others. NEVER sign anything on the day – no matter how long they hold you or how convincing their “this is a one-time offer” pitch is. ALWAYS take the contract away and ALWAYS make sure the verbal promises which they make you are in the contract – if they are not the WALK AWAY.

    1st of November 1998 I was persuaded to purchase G401 Duplex apartment in Beverly Hills Club by our rep John Borrows and S. Lewis for 5850£ with an investment portfolio of 10 various apartments at a price of 19454£ to be resold at a profit within 12 months.
    They were eventually sold for 11723.25£ a loss of 7730.75£

    15th of March 2000 I was sold J702 Beverly Hills Heights for 6525£ by John Borrows with a promise to sell for 12000£ to help to recover the above loss of 7730.75£, but unfortunately he was not able to sell it and I was left with it. Once again in March 2002 John Borrows made a very special deal at 16000£ for an Island apartment in the un built Paramount. Because I purchase off plan I was told it was half price.

    24th of September 2002 another half price deal on a City apartment for 9385£, as they were now planning to resell in 2 years at not less than 20000£.

    8th of March 2003 another good deal on a City apartment for 9385£ for which they paid me 3000£ for my Beverly Hills Club G401 apartment, as it was their policy to keep Club Paradiso clients separate now – Ref Barry Fox, still with the promise to sell after 2 years.

    Mark Rowe became our rep in October 2006 and after spending 6 hours in the office scribbling various examples on pads of paper exchanging Cities for Islands at a cost of £25253 financed through Barclays Partner finance . I now had 2 Islands (T.O. J. Perry) resales now still in 2 yrs time, and was told “don’t worry what completions say – they don’t know the sales time scales.”

    12 of March 2007. Mark Rowe and Kevin Hewitt again spent 10 hours in the office to be “persuaded” to buy another Island with a resale package to pay for the £25000 cost. Mark Rowe now is going to be in his office in charge of selling the new Jamaica Resort in conjunction with the Paramount so he would personally look after selling our Club Paradiso units as soon as Jamaica sales began. The resale package never happened of Club Paradiso resales.

    30th of October 2007 Mark Rowe and John Exley about 8 hours in the office again swapping units around, exchanging, promising quick sales now that Isalnds were swapped up for an Ocean apartment + another cost of only 12762£. Now I really did not know what I owned but it would still be resold within 2 years – the magic but illusive 2 years!

    12 of March 2008 G. Teirnan and Mark Rowe 6 more hours in the office now sold “resale package” of 25000£, which later turned out to be a rental package on which maintenance would be charged of about 3457£ for a year 2009. Forced to have another Barclays Partner finance loan account

    12 of October 2008 a very traumatic visit to the office – still no resales. Stuart O’Dell and another were pressurising us. I found out the above rental package had not happened and demanded it was sold before the year ended to avoid a large maintenance bill.

    After much heated talking Carl Jenkins (Manager) was called to the table and said that the only way to get rid of the Ocean apartment he would change it for an Island Platinum with the boat. My wife by now was in tears because she was forced into a loan as I had one already. This would cost her 16352£ but the good news was that he would sell all the rental package before the end of the year, we could rent the boat out for 7000£ a week for the next 2 years, so the loan was paid for at the end of 2 years, and he would [personally see that we are No 10 on the resale list. Of course the boat has never been rented out but one of the units was sold and the unsold one was a subject to a solicitors’ letter to me to pay the maintenance fee. When I inquired why it was not sold I was told it was listed in somebody else’s will. After many phone calls and e-mails I was finally reimbursed when Debbie Zamora sold it + the maintenance fee. My wife’s loan with Barclays Partner Finance started on the 28th of October 2008.

    October the 10th 2011. We have escaped for 3 years, having a phone call from Karen Day on arrival in Paramount as she was now my personal dedicated Silverpoint Rep and only she would look after me. I told her that I was not going to part with any more money, she replied:”I am not going to sell you anything, just explain Silverpoint to you”.
    Next day up in the office she explained Silverpoint was nothing to do with Resort Properties, it was an entirely new company and concept and Resort Properties had refused to give Silverpoint the client list unless they paid £5000000 (in true Resort Properties style). Karen Day said: “I don´t know anything about you and about what you own”, I said that I owe 2 Islands and 2 Islands Platinum. “Oh my God! You´ve got a boat! Silverpoint don´t want boats as they are just rotting in the water and by the end of next year a repair/maintenance bill of about 12000£ will be sent to any owner, I must get you out of this now. The way out is to swap The Island Platinum for 2 Cities. This is a good mix – 2 Islands and 2 Cities as the maintenance on 2 Cities will be less than an Island Platinum. This will also help with resales, now the only problem with this is all Paramount and Club Paradiso units sold from this time on will have “the registry collection” included” (Some wonderful new rip off I have not yet found how to access or use)

    “The problem is that when I come to resell your units in 2014 who do you think will want to pay the same price for your units as those with the registry collection, not many or anyone. So to change your Island Platinum to 2 Cities and join all 4 units onto the same playing field to be sold in 2014 with the registry collection.

    I can do this for 30.000£,

    we will give you a rental of 3500£ for a Hollywood Mirage Club unit and a credit card with 3500£ from Silverpoint Vacation Club. You can have a Silverpoint Company loan from HMC Ltd for £12785 and the rest from Barclays Partner Finance for 17215£”

    The monies promised did not come on the dates stated. I phoned “my personal dedicated rep” only to get a Spanish answer phone, then I phoned 3 times to the office asking her to phone me. She did not bother so I e-mailed Jane Burton, the completions officer, requesting my payment, – no answer. I e-mailed a stronger second request to which I finally received a cheque payment 3 weeks later. By now the credit card promised for January 2012 was 6 weeks overdue so I e-mailed Jane Burton again strongly requesting final payment, to which she replied that she would send a cheque as they were having trouble with the card company. The cheque has finally arrived on the 5th of April 2012.

    Looking back on 13 years dealing with Resort Properties/Silverpoint, after Silverpoint took over a lot of faces behind desks were the same: Barry Fox, Stuart O´Dell and even John Borrows, who had retired some years before from Resort Properties. Wandered through to join a reps negotiations and good old

    Mark Cushway

    was still CEO. So not much had changed in a new company. What do I think of Resort Properties/Silverpoint that once they get you in the loop they promise you an investment with good returns, they lie, cheat, do not intend to resell. They force people to get loans to give Silverpoint money with no cost to themselves, they intimidate people by threatening not to sell if you don´t keep doing their scams. They specifically target older people and are ruthless in their tactics. I have never seen a contract or any legal document specific to my dealings. I believe them to be fraudulent in most cases and criminal in many and law breakers.

    R & M

  12. VO says:

    In February 2008 we went to Hollywood Mirage. We were invited to an ‘interview’ with Matthew Harper. In no uncertain terms my daughter and I both stressed that I was not going to purchase a time-share under any circumstances. Once he realised that I was not interested, he said that he might be able to make a special offer. He left us and returned having spoken to someone to get authorisation to make this special offer.

    It appeared that it involved in my investing some money in return for which I would be given time-share apartments which would be put up for sale and I would receive the cost of the apartments plus 15% interest within 8 months to a year. It was made clear to us that other people had benefited from this arrangement. In fact we were taken to some superior apartments where we were told that one person had been able to afford to purchase an apartment there by buying apartments and trading up, ie buying and selling and receiving interest on his investment each time He asked how much I could afford to invest to which I said I could afford £10,000. As a result I was given documents relating to three time-share apartments – two weeks in Hollywood Mirage and one in Beverley Hills. Matthew Harper said that he would see me in the following February (2009) and, as I had no intention of returning to Tenerife, I was puzzled as to why he assumed that I would return. Matthew Harper then handed me over to a person who rushed me through several documents which I signed. I also paid a deposit of £1000.

    When I returned home I paid the balance of £9,248

    I received £1,500 which I was told represented rental, and through inter flora a plant from Matthew Harper with a card say ‘Best wishes. Matthew Harper’..

    In January 2009 I paid maintenance fees totalling £1,110.71. At my initial meeting I was not told that I would have to pay maintenance fees, nor how much their maintenance fees were.

    I had a phone call asking for details of my return to Tenerife in February 2009. I said that I would not be returning to Tenerife as I had only invested money in order to gain interest of 15%. I was told that the purpose of the visit was to discuss the selling price of the apartments. The sum of £10,000 was suggested and I agreed although it was less than I had paid originally, and it did not take the maintenance fees I had paid into consideration.

    In December 2009 and January 2010 I paid maintenance fees again and a ‘payment fee’ totalling £1416.73.

    February 2010 I received an Agreement to List for Resale form. I did not understand why it was necessary as my original agreement with Matthew Harper was that I bought in order to sell. I had no intention of using the apartments. There were several clauses in the Agreement to List for Resale form which was unknown to me before I received it, but I signed it and returned it to Resort Properties.

    In October 2010 I wrote to Resort Properties asking if they would put them up for sale at a much-reduced price of £2000 each as I did not want to continue to pay maintenance fees for weeks I only bought as an investment.

    In February 2011 I paid maintenance fees again totalling £1031.16 because the weeks were still not sold.

    March 2011 I sought legal advice and my case is now progressing against Resort Properties.

    This company and its representatives lied when they told me I was buying an “investment” and I believe they were fully aware of this when they convinced me to part with my money.

    Just like everyone else all this has turned out to be is a financial burden and I would warn anyone against dealing with this company.


  13. GMK says:

    This statement is a true record of my dealings with Resort Properties. Like so many others on your blog we have suffered both financially and emotionally at the hands of these people. I hope everyone reading this blog takes warning – do not trust anything this company or its representatives tell you – they are not selling investments – far from it – the whole “investment” sales pitch is just a deliberated and pre orchestrated scam designed to get as much money out of you as possible. As for the “friendly” banter – do not get sucked in – once they have squeezed as much cash out of you as they possibly can you are abandoned. How do these people sleep at night? What if someone did this to their families?

    July 2008

    My wife and I booked into Beverly Hills Club (BHC) through a holiday-share company called “Freedom Vacation” who was based in Los Cristianos. We had bought a membership from this company for a fee of £11,000. (13,200. € approx). We were in possession of a fax and email giving details of this one week break at BHC.
    On arrival at the airport we approached a BHC / Resort Properties representative who could not find our booking details for transfer to the resort. We had to make our own way to BHC. On arrival at BHC reception around 10.30pm we were informed that we were not booked in and they had no information about us. We were confused as we showed them the papers we had showing booking. We were allocated a room for the night as they would get a member of the sales team to check our booking the following morning.
    The next morning a Mr Gordon… (Scottish man) visited us and said that “Freedom Vacation” had gone bankrupt and then he drove us to their office in Los Cristianos, to confirm this, the office was vacant. My wife and I were distraught that our savings of 6 months previous were gone and we had nowhere to officially stay in Tenerife.

    We returned to BHC where we were told that all was not lost. Mr Gordon made an appointment with us to visit the Sales Team office. We were desperately unhappy when the sales team told us our £11,000.00 paid to Freedom Vacation was lost, but Mr Gordon reassured us that we would get this amount of money back, plus a lot more by investing £25,000.00 in their scheme. We stayed with Mr Gordon from around 10.00am to about 5.00 – 5.30pm that day. We were treated in a very kind manner and the staff were very sympathetic and told us not to worry as we were almost in tears at our predicament. We gave Mr Gordon a lot of information about our private lives, my job working overseas, our finances, savings etc after being asked in confidence to impart that information. We were often referred to a Mr Carl…. the manager of Mr Gordon, who reassured us that what was being offered was genuine and was probably the only way to get our money back. They treated us as if we were all friends, acknowledging other clients at the same time, and assuring us that they would look after us, saying how terrible it was that the other company had taken our money.
    We were shown Newspaper clippings, brochures and a video of on-line information of how large and reputable their company was. They stated that there were only 5 timeshare companies in the world that could re-sell a timeshare and were legally entitled to sell them on. They berated all the other companies that gave timeshare a bad name. They showed us all the alternative holiday destinations in USA, Caribbean, Dubai and other locations. We spent a considerable amount of time being told how the repayment system worked and the best part was that they would send us a cheque for £3,000 plus for rental payment, to pay for the first year`s repayments. We kept some of the explanatory notes written by Mr Gordon so that we could discuss them privately when he left us alone at his desk.

    We were constantly bombarded with sales talk and at this time we felt compelled to stay as they had given us free accommodation.
    When we asked questions about the “investment” and how we would get money back, he said other people like us joined the scheme and normally within 18 months the sale would go through and it never really extended beyond that period. The money invested gained interest and that is what we would gain. The new “Investors loan” like ours, would be passed on to us to pay off the loan we`d taken out through Barclays Finance. When asked why he (Mr Gordon) didn’t do this scheme himself to make some money… ie. take out a loan and do the same as he was telling us to do, he replied that it would be insider trading and it would be illegal for himself and the staff to participate in this scheme. He proudly showed us his $ 1 million dollar sales trophy he had won, and his family home photographs in Tenerife which he said the commission pays for, so we both gain from the transactions. What they told us was very plausible but we were getting tired and uncomfortable after being in the office for so long, with the process seeming to be prolonged with bouts of business talk, social chatter and being left alone, waiting for the next piece of information.
    We were often pointed towards other people, some quite elderly, who… we were told, come back year after year and it was a source of income to them. We were never introduced to these other clients and we never had the opportunity as we seemed to be escorted or “looked after” when we went outside for some fresh air. My wife and I never seemed to be left alone except at Mr Gordon`s sales desk with other staff hovering around.
    We were informed that because I worked overseas and I personally could not guarantee being available for a holiday at a fixed time, this could be fixed for us to take a holiday if we gave them some advanced notice. Asking about if I could not make a holiday week, I was informed they could rent our week out and we could get extra payment for that and we couldn’t lose. It never occurred to me that if they were re-selling after 18 months this should not be an issue and this point was not mentioned by them.
    After what seemed to be a very long day, they asked us for our credit card to verify we were creditworthy. They took the card away to carry out credit checks on us.
    My wife and I knew we were ok for a credit check as we did not owe any money to anyone and we had already informed them that our house was paid for with no mortgage and we had no debts as we pay cash for everything. When the credit card was returned we were informed that all was in order and we were congratulated and escorted to a room containing a rather stern-looking gentleman. Whilst in this room the gentleman appeared very strict and orderly without any friendliness. He read out a long list off acts from a sheet and at the end he asked if we understood what he had said. We were fairly exhausted by this time and felt compelled with the atmosphere not to ask any questions. He placed the papers across the table, pointing where to sign. It felt a relief to leave the room afterwards and I said to my wife that this person seemed to be there, not to give assurance, but to get the business done and over with. It was not a comfortable meeting, and was in stark contrast to our treatment in the sales room. We were not told of any cooling off period before or after signing the final forms.
    That night I felt so sick and I hardly slept, the enormity of what we had signed for had sunk in. I felt totally stressed and this had all happened within 24 hours of arriving in Tenerife. The next morning Mr Gordon came to our room with a bottle of celebratory wine for us. I told him how I felt and he told me that this was a normal reaction to many of his clients and that it was alright and we would soon see the benefits and to relax and enjoy the remainder of our holiday, which he had arranged for the remainder of the week in Beverly Hills.
    I think at this stage we still didn’t understand the timeshare implications and what we had bought into. Our understanding was that we had taken out a loan, organised by Resort Properties, for up to 18 months, which we would pay off after they sold the timeshare and the interest would be ours. This scheme would continue year after year. We were not informed about maintenance fees or any other consequential costs except for the fact that we may have to pay up for a further 6 months after their initial “one year free payments” had expired (£3,000 plus), then the loan would be paid off. We received a maintenance fee letter in January 2009 which came as a total shock to us.
    After arriving home in the UK we received a cheque as promised for £3,000 + (cannot remember exact amount) for the first yeas repayments to Barclays Finance. This reassured us at the time that there were no problems.
    I returned to work in the Middle East on 21st July 2008 and did not see any correspondence until we returned home again in late December 2008. One letter from Resort Properties informed us that we had a cooling off period. The letter was not received by me between signing the agreement on the 7th July 2008 and returning to work on 21st July 2008, therefore I was not made aware of this fact that there was a cooling off period until it was too late.

    June 2009

    We returned to Beverly Hills in June 2009 for a short holiday and to visit the sales team. During this visit we were again pressured to sign for another investment of £24,950, a further loan, as it was pointed out that we could do this year after year as each loan was being paid off. I believed at that time that our initial investment would be closed in the stated time and this second investment would have no impact for the future as the profits from the first investment would cover any payment needed on this second loan.

    The Resort Properties rep, Mr Gordon, pointed out that as the first loan was taken out in my name, the second loan would have to be taken out in the name of my wife as my loan was still active after 11 months. I pointed out that my wife was a housewife and had no income of her own, he said he would sort this out as he knew a person at Barclays Finance. Again, it was a repeat process of the previous year, except it was speeded up once the credit rating was approved. We were treated with friendliness and familiarity and we felt as if we were part of the team, that we were there for the benefit of ourselves and the Resort company.
    The following day, Mr Gordon called upon us in our apartment and said he had a great investment opportunity for us and for us to go to the office with him. When we arrived, he showed us a video that was being displayed on the TV monitors and some glossy brochures of the Sunseeker Boats that were only for investment with trusted customers. He pointed out that all the other people in the room were investing in the “Boat Scheme”. The other sales rep`s were pointing to the monitors and we noticed lots of people looking at videos like we were. We were taken to the Yacht Marina in Los Cristianos and given a personal tour around the boat. There were four boats moored up at the time. The skipper on the boat told us what to expect when we sailed out of the harbour and stayed on board… living a luxurious holiday lifestyle.

    We were obviously impressed as the boats were in pristine condition and the skipper took photographs of us to show our friends and family. Other clients arrived while we were there.
    After a marine-side lunch with Mr Gordon, where talk was of the benefit and upmanship of owning a week on a luxury boat, we returned to Beverly Hills.
    We were told that if we didn’t want to use the week on the boat we could split a week, by example 3 days on the boat and 4 days in Beverly Hills. The days we didn’t use, he would hire out to wealthy individuals or more likely the corporate companies that were always doing business in Tenerife. He said we could get up to £1,000 (1,200 €) per day for renting our days out. For this I paid £1,000 immediately from my credit card, and then i paid a further £13,335 on my return to the UK. Again, Mr Gordon and Mr Carl pressurised us using the benefits of this deal as the incentive to sign up.
    We used all our life savings on this transaction form our long-term savings account. It was pointed out that every day the boat was hired out and after the first 2 years the profits were totally ours and we had this for life.

    We have not received any money from this investment and have never seen the boat since that day.

    September 2009

    We again returned to Beverly Hills for my birthday, early September 2009. During this time, Mr Carl approached us with another deal that had to be closed by the end of that day. He told us that a lady had a Presidential Suite that she needed to dispose of immediately as she was going through a divorce and needed to sell quickly. He initially asked for £10,000 for one week exclusive use of the apartment. I informed him that following the purchase of the Sunseeker Yacht week in June that year, i could not afford this. In the end he was talking aggressively as I was deliberating about this and he said that he could not get anyone else at this late stage and I felt responsible for this. My wife said she needed the money for a new car and Mr Carl tersely told her she could get a car at anytime. I was offered the apartment at a knock-down price of 8,340€ (£6,950) which i paid cash for by transfer from my UK bank. This occupancy I believe was for 60 years through my family.
    Following our visits to Tenerife Beverly Hills in 2009 I have not returned to Tenerife until now as I am afraid of visiting Resort Properties. Not a day passes in my life when I do not think of how I was duped by these unscrupulous people working in Beverly Hills. I have been suffering from depression and i am now treated permanently for hypertension brought on by the stress of what happened in Beverly Hills.
    It was never mentioned and it never occurred to me that I could still be paying off a loan and also my wife’s loan until I was 68 years old. As far as I was concerned, the resort representative said it would be, at the outside – 18 months repayments, which is what all the agreements and verbal assurances were based on.

    I swear on my child’s life that he told me that he had never had anyone lose money on his business transactions and we would be reaping the benefits of our arrangement for the remainder of our lives.


  14. james says:

    In the year 2005 my wife and I holidayed at the Hollywood Mirage as part of an RCI exchange. During this time we were approached by a representative of Resort Properties and invited to a sales presentation at the resort.

    During the presentation we were persuaded to purchase certain properties as an investment for the future. During this period we purchased three (3) properties valued at eight thousand five hundred and one pounds (8,501 pounds)

    In order to complete the sale we were charged 500 pounds deposit payable on the day of purchase. The deposit was paid on my credit card. The transaction took place in the sales office of resort properties and the outstanding the amount of 8.001 pounds was duly paid.

    In 2007 we revisited Hollywood Mirage and again attended a sales presentation, where we were introduced to the sales person Lena Jorgenson. Lena explained during the presentation that the next step was to invest in the Club Paradiso. Using the already owned weeks. It wasstipulated that this would be a good investment for the future, and would come at the right time to help with my pension plans.

    Lena explained that the new investment in the Club Paradiso would cost 25,000 pounds. But that this could be recovered after two (2) years with interest. Showing some reluctance at such a large amount Lena called her manager to the table, an American/Canadian chap called Morris/Maurice.

    The sales manager explained that upon completion of the two new sites in Jamacia and Dubai a resales office would be opened and that units presently held could be sold at a reasonable profit.

    After her manager had left the table Lena re-iterated what he had said concerning the resales office. It was with this thought in mind that I decided to purchase the product.
    Later that evening Lena took my wife and I to dinner and again stated that the resales office would open after a period of two (2) years. In fact I recall her exact words and I quote them verbatum “Untill The resales department is open and until we achieve your resale I will not receive any commission for the sale”.

    This finally persuaded me to continue with the purchase.

    Later in the week, prior to our leaving the resort week had an appointment with the completions manager in his office. During the meeting I asked him the question concerning the resales department. He again confirmed that the department would be set up within the period stipulated (2 Years). We left the meeting satisfied.

    However the reality of it all is has now caught up with us. Nothing which they promised verbally has happened, there has been no “investment”, no “returns” and no “guaranteed sales” Our reality is that the bank loan and the maintenance payments have left us financially drained and struggling to make payments on time. In fact I have had to pay this year fees in three instalments.

    Both my wife and I feel betrayed by these people who we trusted at the time. We are angry that they could do this to hard working people.

    My health has also suffered due to the stress incurred, I now have to take medication for high blood pressure and stomach problems, none of which I had before all this occurred. The illness has caused me to take time off work causing further financial constraints.

    Despite repeated phone calls to Resort Properties over the last 3 to 4 years and despite writing to them I have not received any form of satisfactory answers from their resale department.

    They have recently written to me to say that a resales department “may open in 2015” but that there are no guarantees!


  15. Richard says:

    The following is a summary of our involvement with Resort Properties.

    In November 2006 we had a holiday in Tenerife at The Beverly Hill Heights in Los Cristianos. During our stay we attended a presentation on Holiday ownership conducted by Paul Salih of Resort Properties. We arrived at 10 o’clock in the morning. Paul was pleasant and asked us about our family and holiday likes and aspirations.

    Mr Salih spent a long time describing the product and its benefits. The presentation went on and he wasn’t making much headway with us as we didn’t want to buy anything and we explained that we had bought a time share week at the Island Residence Club, Golden Sands, Malta. He then proceeded to tell us that if we were lucky he might be able to do a special deal as the Island Residence Club in Malta was a sister company. This meant he may be able to offer us a chance of a membership in their elite club – ‘Club Paradiso’. He explained the concept and the resorts available and those which were in progress. However, it was getting late in the year and he didn’t know if there would still be any availability to do this “Special deal”. He then went off and spoke to somebody else in an office somewhere within the building. We began to get a little agitated and he was gone for quite some while. When he eventually came back to us he told us that he had been able to pull a few strings due to our association with their sister company.

    The way it would work would be beneficial to all of us: the company, him and us. The cost would be £25,000 which apparently was a very good price, but it was NOT ours to keep although during the intervening period we would have the use of the Club Paradiso membership as though it was ours. However, in 2 ½ to 3yrs when the market had grown (he didn’t know when exactly), he would contact us and invite us out for a week’s holiday and we would sell it back to them for a minimum of what we had paid or, more likely, a profit for us of up to £10,000.

    Mr Salih was quite insistent and very firmly said “Trust me”. We were still not sure whether we wanted to do this but then another agent came out and continued to convince us that this was a win, win situation. After a very long day it ended up with us signing the paperwork. It was gone 7pm when we eventually left and we were the only ones left there. They took a payment on our credit card which they didn’t cash but returned the ripped up slip to us once their payment from Clydesdale finance (now Barclays) came through. We signed for the loan on the day of the transaction and there was no representative of Clydesdale/Barclays present at any time. They also on both occasions used the fact that Barclays wouldn’t allow them to use them if they were not a bone fide company.

    With regard to the maintenance, the first year would be free and then we would only have to pay 2 years at most of maintenance before it would return to their ownership. We were told this would be about £400 a year so £800 in total. We were not given any other information on maintenance.

    They gave us on both occasions (2006 & 2010) some additional weeks from their Tenerife properties, in Los Cristianos which would be sold on our behalf and help towards the loan payments in the interim before the return to their ownership and re-sales started. We do not know who they were sold to & the resales have never started.

    Once back in the UK, we became worried as time went on and we didn’t hear from either Paul Salih or Resort Properties and it gave us sleepless nights and a lot of worry as the £25,000 ended up secured against our property.

    Time had elapsed and at this point was 3 years and 8 months since our original purchase and nobody from Resort Properties had contacted us to buy back the membership which we had been told was “NOT” ours to keep. We continued to use the membership. In July 2010 we were in Tenerife and called in to the Palm Beach Club, Playa las Americas as it is part of the same company. We asked if they could contact Paul Salih for us at the Resort Properties desk in Los Cristianos. We were informed by them that he had left the company but that we could come and discuss our case with another agent.

    We again arrived at 10am and we were introduced to Paul Fowler, who apparently had taken over the running of Club Paradiso clients with a couple of other more senior agents.

    We explained our story from the beginning up until that point. He told us in no uncertain terms that “we” had left it a bit late getting back to them. He said that unfortunately as they had recently reconfigured their sales packages he would not be able to sell it for us as things stood. We were flabbergasted and said that we were not to know when the “right time” to sell the membership was and at no point had they contacted us to inform us of this change. We had left it in their hands in good faith. He then said that they as a company couldn’t be held responsible for a deal made by a former employee who had now left. We reiterated that it had been approved by another member of their staff but we did not have their name.

    He said that unfortunately there was only one way out of the mess and that was to buy another week as nobody would want to buy just one week’s accommodation. We said that we couldn’t afford any more expenditure as we also had the Island Residence Club (IRC), Golden Sands, Malta week which we had upgraded to a 2 bedroomed apartment, 3 years earlier.
    He then came up with a deal which took our week at the Island Residence Club, Golden Sands, Malta plus £24,958. This implied that the product of a City week had increased in value from the original price of £25,000 to £59,950.

    We were very reluctant to do anything else but he made our situation seem impossible.

    We decided that if we didn’t have to pay maintenance on the IRC week then perhaps it would be doable until the re-sales started in the 2-3 year time frame he envisaged. They were getting near the end of the sales phase and we would be in a much stronger position to sell what we had. So once again we found after a very long and rather upsetting day that we bought another week to get us out of the original contract in 2-3 years’ time. They used Barclays Partner finance for the loan; the payment is just in excess of £308 per month. Again, no representative of the bank was present. We were not asked any information regarding our current financial situation before signing the contract. We cannot remember exactly how long we were there but it was the usual hours and hours wearing us down. When we left we were both exhausted and very upset at the turn of events but were hopeful that in 2 or 3years time we would have our money back and have sorted this out once and for all.

    During the 6 months interest free period and due to the downturn in the economy plus the fact that we had already taken out a total of 3 loans we were unable to get a more attractive rate so we have been stuck with paying the £308 ever since.

    The financial burden of the outstanding 2 loans and the additional monies owing on the mortgage has had a crippling effect on our income and made life very difficult and upsetting.

    We have suffered many sleepless nights and it’s caused arguments, crying and despair. We have worked hard for what we have and it is very distressing to find that we have been tricked into spending it on something which we later find is almost worthless. Added to this we have only just found out that, in the event of our death, any debt and on-going maintenance would pass to our children (or benefactors) which we know would cripple them as they are not big earners. This is yet another distressing worry.

    At the beginning of 2011 we had a letter telling us that Resort Properties had been bought out by a large American Company called Silverpoint. (Resort properties did not inform us of their assets being taken over). We would be contacted and offered a free week’s accommodation as they wanted to catch up with all their clients as Resort Properties hadn’t given them any information regarding anyone’s individual holdings.

    We instantly thought perhaps there was light at the end of the tunnel.

    We returned to Tenerife in July 2011 staying at the Beverley Hills Club.

    We attended another presentation explaining our story to a young Italian gentleman. He was very pleasant and explained that the practices of the sales representatives of Resort Properties had at times been very dubious and that Silverpoint staff had been trained in the correct laws and codes of conduct for selling Timeshare. Everything had been tightened up. The new management of Silverpoint had swept through the incumbent staff and unless they were prepared to take the necessary exams to qualify them to sell timeshare then they were sacked. He said that it took 3 months to complete and get the official qualification and that was why there was not many of the remaining Resort Properties staff left.

    The presentation went on; he explained that they as a company had £2,000,000 to help towards upgrading some of their customer portfolios. This was by way of an add on to the Paradiso membership. It gave you access to more deluxe resorts and holidays increasing the attractiveness of your 2 City weeks by increasing the number of destinations available to you and any subsequent purchaser of our weeks. We told him that we would not be buying anything else from them as we had no more credit available and the last 2 transactions had brought us nothing but heartache and crippling financial problems. He said that was ok. He then went to his manager to tell him our position. The manager then came over to see us (he was a very large intimidating Greek who we think we had seen before when it was Resort Properties). He then started being very intimidating and very aggressive saying did we think anybody would wish to buy our 2 City weeks with only 5 resorts when they could have 2 City weeks with the addition of these other luxury destinations.

    We asked if they had the £2,000,000 spare was it free? He laughed and said of course not but somebody with our level of membership wouldn’t have to pay as much as others. When we asked how much we would be expected to pay, he asked how much we would be willing to pay for the enhanced membership. When we said no more than £1000 he just laughed back in our faces. We said after spending approximately £72,000 already on a product which you now own and you tell us isn’t worth much without this add on you will not be getting any more of our money. He told us that we would be unlikely to sell our 2 City weeks when re-sales started and he could not understand why we would pass up on such a good offer. He made us feel stupid if we did not take up the offer. We explained that we knew our financial situation and he didn’t and that we just could not take on anything else. After a few more rather unpleasant words between us, the Greek left us to the Italian gentleman. After he left we asked the Italian gentleman how much he thought we would have to pay. He thought that the cheapest he had seen the top up sold for was £5000. We told him that was impossible as they had already taken all that we had. We left in a much shorter time than usual approx. 4-5 hours on this occasion.

    In January this year (2012) we tried to book a week’s accommodation in The Palmyra, Jamaica and were told that due to technical difficulties it was not possible at this time. We now know that they have gone into liquidation so our 5 resorts are now 4 with no sign of the re-sales promised in 2010 or the original agreement of them wanting the City week back as soon as the market was right.

    As you can tell from the above account we have now been trying to get out of this for some time. When we first became involved with Resort Properties we were 47yrs of age and our financial situation was good. We are now 53 and still trying to sort things out and because of this our financial situation is now quite difficult. Their solution has always been to explain that we would need to invest more before reselling could happen. We now realise that we have been badly misled and that the only way out is by taking legal action.

    I strongly believe that the Spanish judicial system will bring this scam to an end. How can they ignore the desperate please of so many people? This is not an isolated incident, this is a clever scheme designed to extract as much money out of hard working, trusting individuals like us. I wish in 2006 I had never taken that holiday in Tenerife and I wish that I had insisted that the verbal promises I was repeatedly made by staff AND MANAGEMENT be included in the contracts which we signed.

    I hope this company and the individuals who work for it are brought to justice and an end is put to the scandalous operation once and for all.


  16. TR says:

    Dealings with Resort Properties during the period 2008 – 2012

    In 2008 following a telephone ‘cold call’ we agreed to make a visit to Tenerife with free accommodation in one of Resort Properties Hotels in Tenerife on the understanding that we would attend a properties presentation whilst staying in the hotel.

    The visit was arranged for August 2008 and on arrival a time was agreed for my wife and I to meet with one of their sales representatives, Mr Jamie Chanon. At the first meeting the presentation started with the properties owned by the company both in Tenerife and other locations identified with the opportunities of owning time share and ‘Club Paradiso’. As we had owned timeshare in Scotland since the 1980’s we told Jamie that we were aware of the potential advantages and exchange opportunities with companies like RCI which we had used for a number of years but did not consider timeshare as an opportunity to increase in unit value for future resale so our decision would need to be made in the light of what a purchase in Tenerife had to offer in terms of us using this for family holidays in Tenerife as using exchange companies was increasingly expensive once the yearly maintenance charges and repayment costs of any loan were taken into account.

    At this stage Jamie changed tack and told us of a purchase scheme which allowed us to purchase a number of properties and showed us examples of clients who had bought six properties with the intention of selling them back to Resort Properties at a later date of typically one year. This buy back scheme worked on a principle of buying a number of properties which were split between studio, one bed and two bed units at a cost of £25,000. Financing was available over a 10 year period through Barclays and all we needed to do to start the purchase process was to leave a deposit of £1000 but this would be returned once the £25,000 had been paid through Barclay or any other finance deal arranged by ourselves or any other funding source we adopted. The properties had to be held for a minimum of 6 months following the purchase date at which time we would contact Resort Properties and they would market the properties on our behalf and that all clients who had done this to-date had all sold the properties purchased via the scheme and had all made a reasonable profit (£4,000 was quoted) on the purchases. It was also stated that there would be no maintenance payment invoiced during the first year of ownership. This first meeting took approximately 4 hours. Having requested time to consider what was being offered and the implications of such an undertaking. Another meeting was arranged for later that week.
    At the second meeting I had a number of questions for Jamie (his responses are in blue) which included:

    1. What properties would be included in the portfolio (2 studios, 3 x 1 bedrooms and 1 x 2 bedrooms).
    2. Have all of these units been upgraded (not all but those that have not have been identified for upgrade over the next 6 months)
    3. Who will be ‘targeted for sales (German, Spanish and UK residents)
    4. Are all the properties in the portfolio in Palm Beach (Yes)
    5. Why when we were shown other portfolios were they all in Hollywood Mirage and not Palm Beach. – Do these have more sales opportunities (The portfolio’s shown were only an indication of other clients who just happen to have been in Hollywood Mirage and not Palm Beach. Palm Beach is a good beach facing location in and around the Colon area which is currently undergoing major renovation and will be an extremely popular area for tourists once completed. The hotel itself is also going through a major upgrade of all of its rooms / apartments).
    6. After the 6 month initial period who takes over the sale of these properties? (There is a team of 60 sales and 4 telesales staff who will have access to all resale’s from these contracts)
    7. This would be a great leap of faith for us to enter into such a deal. Why would the sales team try and sell re-sales from us when there are probably a lot more that are on Resort Properties books where any sales income would remain with them? (We work on a principle of selling properties which fit the needs of the client which is why the portfolio that you are being offered has a good mix of properties – resale will not be a problem for us).
    8. If sales drop before you can start marketing the properties which we have purchased as an investment, then I would be left with the repayments for the loan over 10 years and the maintenance fees for the six properties following year 1 which will amount to over £3k per annum. (I have completed this type of purchase for a large number of clients and have always completed the resale within the timescales I am quoting you. I and my resale colleagues will continue to support resale clients).
    9. What is in this type of deal for the company? (It keeps units moving and looks good on the books. The interest free period from the Bank, 6 months, for the purchaser gives us the opportunity to reintroduce these to the ‘market place’ before any maintenance is due).

    On the basis of the information given and having thought over this option we decided to go ahead with the intention of reselling these back after the 6 month time specified

    Return Visit 2009

    We met again with Jamie to discuss the non-sale of any of the properties within the portfolio by Resort Properties.
    We were informed at this meeting that the units had gone on sale but that the market was ‘flat’ and as such we would probably not be able to sell all of the 6 units if any within the immediate future.
    Having asked what would happen in such changes in the market at the first meeting in one of my questions above ( 8 ) and given a commitment by the company, it was suggested that I could either sell these privately, allow friends and family to use these on a payment basis for a week or two weeks or at least charge them the cost of maintenance until such time as the market improved. At no stage during this discussion was it offered that Resort Properties would attempt to rent these out on my behalf in an effort to reduce the financial implication of not selling these properties as they had said would happen.
    An option of looking at transferring to a Club Paradiso property was mentioned with the difference in price paid by us. At this stage and following a heated discussion where I told Jamie I was extremely unhappy that they had not lived up to their commitment but that I was now expected to pay more money which would leave us with 1 week of the lowest exchange type of Club Paradiso Holiday in exchange for our £25,000 investment and would add another £18,000 for us to finance and to us this seemed like an opportunity for Resort Properties to get the six units back and an additional payment. Jamie informed me that he took offence at my statement and on that note we left the meeting.

    A second meeting was then arranged by the company. The offer of changing to Paradiso was again offered and this time the offer was that each of the current units in the portfolio would be purchased from us for £690 per unit and that the free unit that we were given as part of the original purchase would be returned to them. This would free us from our commitment for the 7 current units we were, however still responsible for the maintenance of these units should they not be sold prior to the next maintenance period. At no stage were we told how they would dispose of these 7 weeks but must assume that they marketed them at the current market rate and not at the rate that the bought them back from us. With the offer to purchase paradise we would not need to pay maintenance for the first year. We were also informed that the Paradiso weeks were still being sold and that these were being sold to clients from Russians who wanted an entry route into Europe. If we wished Resort Properties would resell the unit on our behalf after a year.
    Having discussed this with my wife we agreed to do this with the need to borrow an additional £18,000+ to get us through the next 12 months with a fixed loan period which would not change in a market that fluctuates on a daily basis.
    We took out a loan for the additional monies involved but this produced a problem after the first 6 month non-payment period ended with Barclays maintained they were not informed by Resort Properties, who arranged the loan on our behalf, that we wished to pay over 10 years. They therefor wanted a payment of approximately £900 per month until such time as the £18,000 plus interest was paid. At this stage as paying £900 plus the £360 from the initial loan was not a viable option we decided to cash in some of the shares that I had purchased with my retirement pension to pay off this second loan in total but retain the first loan.

    Since our last visit nothing they promised us with regards the “investment” we were sold has materialised. Having committed some £43,000 all I am now left with is a loan on which I still owe £20,000. We have seen nothing of the returns they promised us.

    These people coerced me into believing that what I was purchasing was an investment – right from the outset they knew I didn’t want to own more timeshare weeks – I made it very clear I had no use for them.

    I feel very bitter that I allowed myself to get trapped by these people and I hope that my letter acts as a warning to others.

  17. MKB says:

    Having received an invitation to take a promotional holiday at The Hollywood Mirage Resort in February 2008 we attended what turned out to be a day-long sales presentation.

    The lady we met was introduced as ‘Sue’. As was always the case at subsequent meetings, the presentation started off with what became a lengthy description of personal background information with family photographs etc. As the day progressed, we were bombarded with information and optimistic forecasts of returns on our potential investments.

    We were led to believe that figures in the region of 20% profit on our investment were achievable on resale.

    We were also taken on a tour of various types and sizes of apartments on the complex. Having agreed to sign on for a range of 7 apartments, we were also provided with a celebratory meal after which we met with Sue and her husband Frank who later took us back to the complex in their car. We understand that Sue, further to being injured in a fall, subsequently left the company and returned to the UK.

    Our next visit to The Hollywood Mirage was in April 2009 when we met their Representative, Matthew Lowe. At this presentation, which also lasted well into late afternoon, we were told that it had not been possible to release the properties for resale?

    We were told that Resort Properties would, however, be prepared to buy back our weeks if we agreed to invest in their ‘exclusive’ Paradiso product.

    The Paradiso scheme apparently offered extremely high quality holiday accommodation, and again offered the benefit of excellent levels of returns on the investment within a period of up to 2 years. We were taken to see the apartments at their nearby Paramount complex. Further to that visit and what was a very persuasive and convincing sales pitch, we agreed to make a purchase as described.

    In October 2010, we again visited the offices of Resort Properties where we met a female Representative called Jo. We were again invited to look through numerous and varied family photograph albums, and to admire a selection of trophies she had won for being the most successful sales person etc. Jo also told us that she was engaged to be married to one of their Managers, whose name was, we believe, David. We eventually arrived at the point of the meeting when we were to discuss our Paradiso membership. We were again advised that Paradiso memberships had not yet been released for resale! We were however assured by her Manager, David, that due to our circumstances, our membership would be given a ‘high priority’ when re-selling started.

    During a further visit to Tenerife in July 2011, we arranged a face-to-face meeting with Mr Alan Goode ( the person we had been calling and emailing since our last visit) to yet again discuss our Paradiso membership. Mr Goode’s colleague, a Mrs Shirley Spinks, also attended this meeting. Jointly, they confirmed that resale of this product had yet to begin. However, they did offer us an ‘AGREEMENT TO LIST FOR RESALE’ for the sum of £15,000.00. They stated that this would still not guarantee if (or when) they would be in a position to re-sell our membership. Because the Barclays Partner Finance loan for our Paradiso investment, (not taking into account the loan interest), was for the sum of £22964.00., this latest ‘offer’ represented a further loss of £7964.00. This despite the fact we had previously been assured we could expect a healthy return on our investment We therefore decided to decline.

    So, here we are. Like everyone else we were coerced into buying what we thought was an investment – but the reality is that its just one big scam.

    Our experiences with Resort Properties has not only left us with a huge financial burden it has also caused us a great deal of stress, worry and concern. My husband’s health has been so badly affected by all this that he has had to seek medical attention

    We wouldn’t want anyone to suffer like we have and I hope our dealings with this company act as a warning to others.


  18. MP says:

    We were first contacted via telephone to inform us that we had won a week’s holiday in the Beverly Hills Club.

    This was a free week, all we had to do was pay for our flights.

    During this weeks holiday we were asked to attend a presentation that lasted the whole day.

    This was carried out by a lady called Angela, who used a great deal of emotional pressure towards both my wife and myself, by making my wife feel as though she would be failing her husband who had worked hard all his life, by denying him the pleasure of regular holidays.

    At the same time I should be doing all I could to provide my wife with the luxury of having regular holidays to look forward too, and wouldn’t I feel as though I was a financial failure if I couldn’t provide this “Investment Portfolio” costing £31,000 for her.

    We were told that we were in a privileged position by being offered property, because these were in great demand and that these properties were increasing in value, so we would make money out of them as an investment long term.

    We felt that we were prevented from leaving the building until a deal had been made.

    We purchased a property in Hollywood Mirage, we were never told about the “Cancelation rights”, and we paid £6,630 deposit on the day. We were told that if we no longer needed to use the weeks allocated, that our family could use them, alternatively we could inform Resort Properties that we did not wish to use these weeks and that they would let the properties out on our behalf. I was led to believe that this money would be forwarded on to us. Most of the verbal guarantees given were not written on our paperwork. When I asked why these guarantees were not written down, I was informed it was for “Members protection” because if all the benefits were known outside of the membership the value of the properties would be affected and the profits would disappear. We were told that “non-members” could rent our free weeks, but they would not have the same benefits as the members. The implication was that “non-members” would pay inflated prices for the use of our apartments, and this was how members would make profits.
    There was never any discussion of a contract being in existence for letting our properties. We were also given an expected resale value of our properties.

    There was never any representative from any bank or financial institution when our purchase was made, and we were not asked to provide any information to aid our finance application, such as income or any other outstanding loans ect. We were just granted the loan straight away.

    Any sales that were made on our behalf were a direct result of a subsequent purchase or as referred to by Resort Properties as an “upgrade” (adding to our Portfolio), so we were never able to dispose of any of the properties. During a resale we were not given details of any prospective buyer, nor any amounts of money offered. The only information we received from Resort Properties was an amount that they had secured on our behalf, this was always much less than the purchase price.

    We were persuaded in to another investment so we could recover some of our money back. This costs us £26,000 and put on Barclays Partner Finance

    We are a retired couple on a pension, and we are now plagued by the worry of an outstanding debt of £308 per month in the form of a loan taken out with Barclays financial Services. This was a 10 year loan, now with six years left to run. Additionally… an annual maintenance charge on our properties of £2,000 per annum, due every December made up of payments in € and pounds.

    Both myself and my wife have suffered from stress and anxiety ever since our encounter with Resort Properties. They have undermined our ability to manage our finances because of the stories and lies that they have fed us. We are now questioning each other’s ability to manage our own finances. Prior to this, we were a financial capable and debt free couple.

    In November 2011 Silverpoint notified us that they were now the owner of the company and that they would be dealing with everything. We have never had anything from Resort Properties to tell us that they were being taken over by Silverpoint.

    We have spent over £57,000 with Resort Properties and that money was to return us a profit. If we had known this was to be our destiny… ie being in debt and paying such a large sum of annual monies, we would NEVER have purchased these so called “investment portfolios”.

    Thanks to Resort Properties… they have made our lives miserable, with worry, debt and stress.

  19. PR says:

    We first encountered Resort Properties in October 2006 and were invited to a meeting with a timeshare representative.

    We were persuaded to purchase timeshare weeks in Beverley Hills Club and Hollywood Mirage Club as we were assured this would make a good investment for us.

    The total purchase price was £13630. These properties’ weeks were sold in 2007 for £2750. Therefore a big loss was incurred of £11460.

    On a later holiday at Hollywood Mirage in March 2007 we were told if we sold our Beverley Hills (Hollywood Mirage weeks we could buy an excellent investment in Club Paradiso for £24868).

    But this was not the case although we managed to pay the maintenance fees. We made a further purchase in November 208 for £24950 because we were told this would be another great investment. These properties would sell easily, salesman Mr. Paul Fowler said, and the recession would not affect timeshare purchases.

    We had debts of around £25000 which we are still paying for the finance plus the continual worry of the debt and the maintenance fees.

    In November 2011 were made what seemed to be a good offer to purchase an apartment in Beverley Hills which the company could rent out. We had never previously been told that our timeshare weeks could be rented out! If we did this the investment of £11800 would be returned in 2015.

    The salesman who conducted this meeting was Mr Stuart O’Dell, who told us that only the capital would be repaid and that was the only way they would list for sale our Paradiso weeks. We made this purchase in good faith and believed the salesmen when they said they were good investments.

    We now know these promises were total lies and there is no way that Resort Properties will refund any monies.

    Verbal guarantees were given by salesmen and when we asked why these guarantees were not included in the contracts, we were told: “Don’t worry, this is normal and OK practice”.

    We felt certain amount of pressure was put on us to purchase weeks and were told there is good for client to purchase this product for investment. Regarding the purchase of 2 weeks in Paramount/Paradiso we were told the company could sell this in the range between £27000-£72000 for 1 and 2 weeks accordingly.

    In 2011 we were informed that Silverpoint had taken over the running of timeshare Resort Properties. Resort Properties did not even extend the courtesy of writing to us to mention the takeover.
    At no time during of any of these meetings was a financial representative present. Obviously our finances are now much poorer thanks to Resort Properties. When I first encountered resort sales we were aged 62 and 60 and now we are 68 and 66 and still have the worry of paying off these debts, to us the maintenance fees and the likelihood that they will raise each year.

    Several times we purchased products after being told that if we sold we could then dispose of unwanted products.In all we have spent around £73000 in dealings with Resort Properties, mainly because of their downright lies.


  20. RF says:

    I have been conned and blackmailed into buying timeshares and holiday club membership by Resort Properties, now known as Silverpoint.

    The problems started in 2007 when I was enticed, by Resort Properties, into buying timeshares for the purpose of making profit. Profit from rental of some of those timeshares and profit from the quick re-sales of the remaining timeshares. Those profits did not materialise and I soon realised that I was making big financial losses and stood to make even further, unending, financial losses.

    Resort Properties used the realisation of my financial predicament to blackmail me into buying membership of the Paradiso holiday club, by exchanging some of the timeshares, at a huge loss, and paying yet another large membership fee to release me from some of my timeshare ownerships.

    Having fallen victim to their deceptions I am now unable to free myself from either the remaining timeshares or the club membership and face years of annual service I. maintenance costs which I neither want nor can afford.

    My story:

    In 2007, I was contacted by Resort Properties and was offered a promotional holiday in Tenerife. I took up the offer and went on holiday, with two of my children.

    In accepting the holiday I understood that I was obliged and agreed to sit through a presentation by Resort Properties.

    I knew that the presentation would be about buying a timeshare or something akin to it. However, I was neither interested in timeshares nor wanted to afford the cost of such. Therefore, on the day I had to attend the presentation I was resolved not to buy a timeshare or join any holiday club.

    However, I met with Debbie Parkinson, the Resort Properties Sales Representative, and she was very pleasant and talked through the timeshare arrangements. I think she soon realised that I was not interested in joining. It is my recollection that she was suggesting that the cost of timeshare ownership varied but for the sort of timeshare that she thought I might be interested in, the purchase cost, was about £25,000.

    After some lunch I was introduced to other representatives of Resort Properties who suggested that instead of buying a timeshare there were other arrangements that I might be interested in. They suggested that I should go into business with Resort Properties with a view to making substantial profits in short time; a short time being within the next year.

    The suggestion was that they would sell me a package of properties at a very low price and they would rent them out to other customers. The rental fee would then be shared between me and Resort Properties. They showed me various documents that supported their argument that I would make significant profits, enough money to cover the initial outlay, in buying the package, and thereafter I could expect to continue to make substantial profits.

    This seemed an interesting proposal. The Sales Office Manager, Mr. Gerald Tiernan, then took a keen interest in me and finally persuaded me to invest with Resort Properties. I was impressed by his claims to have made lots of money for lots of clients and he showed me portfolio’s to support his claims and said he could do the same for me. I was persuaded and agreed to go into business with them and purchase 3 timeshare properties, as a package, for £10,951 for the purpose of renting them out for profit.

    However, I did not have the money available to do so. Resort Properties suggested I take out a loan and said they could arrange for a suitable bank loan with the Clydesdale Financial Services bank for me and set up the loan for the £10951.

    Resort Properties took a deposit of £1000, using my Visa credit card, which they said was in case I could not get the loan and then I would lose the deposit. They returned this deposit when Clydesdale Financial Services provided the loan.

    A couple of days later, I had to return to the Resort Properties sales office, I cannot remember why, but a new offer was put to me which appeared to be even better than the package I had already purchased.

    The proposal was that I should purchase a second package of timeshare properties, at a very low price, and Resort Properties would then, quickly, sell them at a profit. Quick meant, within the year. The profit would be shared between me and Resort Properties, with Resort Properties taking 25% of the profit..

    Debbie Parkinson and Gerald Tiernan were, again, very keen to show me how this arrangement had made a lot of money for other Resort Properties clients showing me documents that showed how other clients had returned year after year increasing their investments and increasing their profits.

    The proposal seemed too good to turn down. Unfortunately I could not afford to buy.

    Resort Properties urged me to consider finding any means of securing a loan and they explained that the sort of profit I could expect to make would make any loan charges seem insignificant. So, I agreed to make the second purchase. I purchased a package of 5 properties for a further £11,521 for the purpose of selling them off, within the year, to make a profit. Of this £11,521 I had to make a deposit of £1000 using my Visa credit card, which was not refundable. I provided the remaining £10521 by means of a bank cheque upon my return to the UK.

    I was sent a cheque for £1600 for the rental, in 2008, of the 3 properties, in the first, rental, package in October 2007.However, I had to pay the 2008 service / maintenance fees for the properties in the second, re-sale package, of £2063 in December 2007 and none of the 5, re-sale, timeshares were sold. So not quite what I would call a good investment – I was already losing money.

    Within the year that followed I realised I had been conned, I was losing money and things were about to get worse.

    In November 2008 I returned, with my fiancé, to Tenerife and went to see Debbie Parkinson, Resort Properties and, in discussion, my financial predicament become clear.

    Apart from having to continue to pay the service / maintenance charges on all of the 5 re-sale properties I now had to pay the service / maintenance fees on the 3 rental properties, for 2009, amounting to a grand total of £3834 for 2009.

    I was informed, by Resort Properties, that it was unlikely that any of the 3 rental properties would be rented out in 2009.

    I was also informed, by Resort Properties, that it was unlikely any of the 5 re-sale properties would be sold.

    I was also informed, by Resort Properties, that there would now be a Listing Fee for re-sale of any of the properties costing £100 per property (timeshare). This would cost £800 for the eight properties (timeshares).

    The reasons given for not renting or selling the properties was that Resort Properties were experiencing a slow down in the holiday market and would be concentrating on promoting their own sales business. I was informed that they had a large number of properties (timeshares) that they needed to sell as a priority. However, if I paid the £800 listing fees then they would “endeavor” to sell my timeshares but stressed that there would offer no guarantees.

    In summary: I was facing bills, for 2009, amounting to £4634 plus I had the loan charges to worry about plus I was losing interest on capital I had used to buy the properties. What was worse; was that Resort properties made it clear that there was no way of getting free of the obligation and no real hope of either renting or selling the properties in the foreseeable future.

    Debbie Parkinson left me and my fiancé for a while, to consider things.

    The cold realisation that the only people to be making money out of the deal I had enter into was Resort Properties and the thought that I was facing years of potentially increasing service costs, that I could ill afford, made me feel foolish and trapped.

    When Debbie returned she brought a colleague, another sales representative, who had
    a proposal.

    The proposal was this:

    Resort Properties would agree to immediately sell 6 of the properties, at their lowest price, for a sum total of £3500.

    The Sales Office manager, Gerald Tiernan, also said he would also give me a good will payment of £3500 if I joined Club Paradiso.

    However, these arrangements constituted an offer that was only available if I purchased Island membership of Club Paradiso for yet another payment of £23,559.

    Resort Properties said that Club Paradiso was their premier holiday package, that it was well sort after and that, in a couple of years, they would be going to re-sales and, therefore, I could expect to make a substantial profit, if I were to then sell my membership. It was suggested to me and my fiancé that if we purchased membership in Club paradise that Resort Properties would be able to sell the Island membership, in two years’ time, for £69950 + 17% a sum of about £81,800.

    It was a blackmail situation and I knew I had to accept the offer. I saw it as the only way I could avoid some of the potentially increasing service costs on timeshares that I did not want. I did not want to join Club Paradiso but it seemed to be a lesser financial risk that what I already had.

    So, this proposal seemed a better option than to continue making substantial financial loses with the prospect of those loses getting worse. We were told that we had to make our minds up then and there and the offer would not be repeated. So, I chose to accept the new proposal.

    The problem, however, was finding the money to pay for it.

    Resort Properties suggested I take out another loan and said they could arrange for a suitable bank loan with Barclay Partner Finance, previously known as the Clydesdale Financial Services bank. They set the bank loan up, which was for the required £23,559.

    Having secured my membership of Club paradise, Resort Properties then tried to persuade me to extend my membership in Club Paradiso buy buying something which would extend the range of resorts available to me. They pointed out that my membership only gave me access to about six nominated resorts.

    I did not extend my membership in Club Paradiso.

    I am now stuck with 2 timeshare properties in Tenerife that I do not want and which I have to pay annual service fees on. I am also stuck with membership of Club Paradiso which I also do not want and which I also have to pay annual service fees on.I feel cheated and financially trapped, wishing I had never heard of Resort Properties.

    My advice to anyone would be: If you encounter any timeshare of holiday club representatives, walk away fast!


  21. PB says:

    Unfortunately in October 2008 – I attended a presentation at Resort Properties

    The presentation started at approximately 10am and finished at 17.00hrs.

    During the presentation it was stated that at worst I would get all my money back in two years, in actual fact the proceeds of the sale of my timeshare holdings would make a profit and that I was purchasing at a much lower price than the real retail/resale price through Resort Properties, therefore over two years the minimum I would make would be £3,000 – this is the value that the rep (Mr Mel Parker) told me that renting my weeks out for the first year would make. Mr Mel Parker also told me that if I decided to keep them and rent them every year I was guaranteed to rent them out and make a profit over the maintenance fee. I was told that the resale company of Resort Properties was set up because people’s lives change and for one reason or another owners wanted to come out of their timeshare agreement and that desire to be a member of either Hollywood Mirage or Beverly Hills Club was such that Resort Properties was a £60,000,000 a year business and I would have no problem reselling the timeshare holding that I was about to purchase. I was also told that Resort Properties had a number of prospective clients for my timeshare holding, willing to rent the weeks on a try before you buy basis.

    Every year since this purchase (2008) Resort Properties have sent me a letter asking me to place any of my un-used timeshare weeks in the “Participation Program” in order to promote the resorts to prospective clients.

    During the presentation the representatives would not take no for an answer, turning my fears of investing a large amount of money round and stating that any fears would not happen. At one point I felt I would never get get away from the presentation unless I agreed to buy, there was also the fact that on arrival at the Hollywood Mirage my family and I were only checked in for 6 nights, not the 7 previously stated at the time of booking, and as this was my first time in Tenerife I was unsure of what would happen if we were turned out of the hotel. I pointed this out to the representative at the start of the presentation only to be told that this could be sorted out later. After stating that I did not have the funds to finance this “Buy to let Program” the representative stated that this was not a problem as they (Resort Properties) could set up the finance agreement for me, and all that I needed was a valid credit card. At this point I did not meet with any representative of the Bank/finance company nor at any point in the future did I meet anyone representing this finance, the only other question that was asked was: “do you own your home or is it rented”!

    After one year of ownership of my timeshare holdings, I was told that the trading conditions in Resale of timeshare had turned very difficult and it was highly unlikely that Resort Properties could sell my timeshare, but sales in timeshare at the Club Paradiso were selling very well and they traded the 5 that I owned at the Beverly Hills Club and Hollywood Mirage for one unit at the Paradiso for an additional fee of £13,000. After stating that I could not afford this and that I just wanted to sell the 5 that I already had, they told me that I would have to drop the resale price from £20,000 to 15,000, when I asked if I could speak to Mr Mel Parker I was told that he had left the company.

    Nothing this company has promised me has materialized. I haven’t received one single penny from what they assured me was a “sound Investment” Out of desperation I have dropped the resale price several times and still nothing has happened. All I have been left with are weeks I don’t want and the burden of maintenance fees I can’t afford.

    How can these people be allowed to keep doing this to so many people? And how many more people do they need to rip off??


  22. PJ says:

    My wife and I visited Beverley Hills Club on a RCI exchange. This was early 2001, whilst there we were pestered to attend a meeting with a man, his first name was Peri. Having introduced himself, he proceeded to explain the virtues of owning apartments for the purpose of investment, showing us other clients portfolios, who were supposedly making huge profits.

    Having recently been made redundant I had money which I was looking to invest, after about 5 hours, in which time we were fed and offered drinks, we entered into an agreement to buy 4 units of various sizes and we were assured that these were popular and could be sold quickly at a profit.

    The following year we didn’t visit Tenerife and didn’t receive any feed back in that time, until 2002/2003 when we used 1 of our apartments at Hollywood Mirage Club, we made enquiries about our investment, and we were told they were still waiting to be sold?. Later that year we were contacted by telephone at home by a Mr John Burrows, who said Peri had left the company and that he was taking over our investment, in 2004 we again visited Resort Properties and saw John Burrows.

    In 2004 we were persuaded to make another purchase of around £10,000 believing that this would be the only way we could recover anything from our previous investment. Time went on.

    In 2005 we parted with a further £16,000 this was for a Paradiso City Unit – Mr John Burrows persuaded us to trade some of our apartments in for a new luxury one in the Paradiso, which we did and were told that the Americans love, at no point were the value of our trade-in apartments mentioned, only the final payment that we would have to find. Again, we believed that this was the only option available to us. We felt that if we didn’t take their “offer” we would lose everything.

    During 2006 and 2007 we parted with another £23,000, believing from Mark Rowe that the “upgrades” we were buying would sell much quicker.


    In 2011 Joanne Taylor saw us and explained (threatened) that if we didn’t change to Silverpoint that our children would inherit our debts ie. Maintenance fees until the year 2050! She said this would be done but not until a further £13,900 was paid and the maintenance on the previous purchases of 860.00€ was also paid. This was very upsetting for me and my wife… but we didn’t want our lovely children burdened with what we had bought.
    This amount of money was done by equity release!

    Now we are both retired and living on our pensions, this has been very strenuous for both of us and now we have a debt on our lovely home which we did not have prior to this ordeal.

    P J

  23. BB says:

    We wish to inform you about our dealings with Resort Properties which we feel have been grossly missold/misrepresented to us. Through these misrepresentations and promises to resell we have been sold seven units and currently own five. It was never our intention to own more than one property.

    We bought our first timeshare in January 2001 which after a couple of years we converted (through Crown Resorts) into RCI points. It turned out that these points included some pure points on which maintenance had to be paid to RCI.

    On visiting Resort Properties in March 2007 we end up in the sales office and expressed our displeasure at having to pay maintenance on the pure points. They suggest the solution is to sell us two more units and they would get rid of our points on our original unit and give us points (without any pure points) on one of the new units. This was to be the unit to be retained by us and the other two were to be sold. No sales are made and we are now paying maintenance on three units.

    Come March 2008 and we are visiting Resort Properties again (no lessons learnt yet).

    We complain that nothing is sold and the recession is blamed. However the answer is to buy three more units at low prices plus Paradiso (City Level). The impression we got was that the units would sell easier at the low levels given. And Paradiso which we would never have normally considered to buy because it was well out of our league was taken up because the salesman repeatedly said “trust me, trust me – I will sell it for you by 2010 if not before”. Looking back it was noticeable that our rough notes giving the low prices for the units were taken from us and that these prices never appeared on the official paperwork.

    At this stage we now have seven units. Our maintenance bill to date is over £11000 which with the purchase of the units has almost wiped out what little savings we had.

    I repeat – It was never our intention to own more than one property. We bought more units as an “investment” on the promises that they would be all sold
    AT A PROFIT before 2010

    Like everyone else this “investment” has just left us with the heavy burden of the maintenance fees on the 7 units we have. To anyone reading this


  24. WG says:

    In April 2008 we went on a promotional weeks holiday to Beverley Hills Resort. Shortly after we arrived we were contacted by Guy Japhet (I think the spelling is correct) of Resort Properties with an appointment time.

    The interview commenced early in the morning and continued until after 5PM at night. We were absolutely adamant that we were not interested in having a timeshare week and after some hours of persistent and persuasive arguments we believe he finally realised we were not to be persuaded.

    He then said certain investment opportunities were available to some people and at this point his manager was brought in who said we could take part in this scheme. The investment was in 7 weeks in the Hollywood Mirage and Beverley Hills Resorts in Los Cristianos, at a cost of £25,000. Guy Japhet then told us that he had several clients who came back each year to buy and sell weeks and that the following year he would sell 6 of our weeks at a profit. So that would cover the cost of the 7th week which we would keep or better still upgrade to Club Paradiso.

    By this time we were so confident of the sincerity of Guy Japhet and trusted his ability to sell the weeks the following year that we agreed to purchase, to sweeten the pill we were told that we would only be able to use our week the following year 2009 because Resort Properties would use the other 6 to rent out at 750£ per week making of total of £3750 which would cover the first year loan repayments. They also told us that the maintenance payments were paid for 2009. The loan was then secured very quickly with the Barclays Partner Finance over the phone which involved the questions about our finances. At no time was a bank representative present.

    During the rest of the holiday we were invited to lunch with Guy’s family. When the cooling off period had expired we were sent a potted plant as “a thank you”. He also told us that he would not receive his commission until 6 weeks would be sold.

    The following year 2009 we had a phone call from Guy Japhet to find out what was happening and if we were going to Tenerife. We went in August that year and once again we were given an appointment to see Guy. The appointment again lasted most of the day. Due to the economic conditions we understood that the value of our weeks had dropped to a very low price at about £500 per week and below. It was also impressed on us that the best cause of action was to buy Club Paradiso for a further 10 or 20 thousand pounds. Because upmarket timeshares held their value and were easier or sell, after discussing with his manager, Guy informed us that unfortunately there were no £10,000 weeks for sale and it would be a £20,000 week. At this stage Barclays was not prepared to increase a loan for a further £20,000, nevertheless they made us understand that if we were not to buy this week were going to lose a lot of money. We signed the contract but after a further consideration we decided against it and cancelled within the time limit. This prompted several phone calls from Resort Properties trying to persuade us to change our mind but we did not do it. We also received offers for some of our timeshare weeks the week after we came home from our holiday but because of the low amounts we wrote to say that we were not interested in selling until the sales price rose.
    With hindsight if we had known then what we know we would have accepted the sales offer. The first maintenance fees were paid in January 2010 and that when we realised how high they were.

    Since January 2010 we have tried several ways to try and sell or get rid of our 7 weeks, we even wrote to Resort Properties/Silverpoints trying to give up our weeks for nothing but to no avail.

    Our current financial position is very precarious having paid off the loan in full. We no longer have the savings behind us and the annual maintenance fees are very draining. We have had many sleepless nights worrying about our timeshare weeks and the money we have lost.

    Our ages in April 2008 were 66 and 65 and our current ages are 70 and 69 respectively and we never believed at this age we would have been persuaded to part with our savings only to be left with the worry and financial burden of the maintenance fees on weeks we never even wanted.

    Also below is the note which were slipped under the door of our apartment in August 2009 the night after our session in the Sales Suite.


  25. KS says:

    My wife and I were approached on the street and told of a nice complex which dealt with holidays and they took us to Hollywood Mirage. This was in February 2004.
    We were met by Angela Brooke. We told her we were not interested if it was timeshare.
    She replied: “If you wish to invest, 15% can be earned in a year.” She offered to introduce us to a client who had agreed to invest and he had made 15%. The whole meeting took over 4hrs and in the end we agreed to invest a total of £15,000. It was a verbal agreement and we trusted her. But there was no written word.

    She asked for a deposit of £2,000 put on a credit card and we had to pay the rest when back home using bankers draft. We cannot remember her saying that there was a cooling off period which we would have done had the contract been seen before arriving home. It showed 6 timeshare apartments. This had not been mentioned at all. We were not told of any rental agreement or that we could use the weeks ourselves.

    When I rang Angela Brooke she said we shall be selling them over the next few months after which there will be a profit of 15%. After 3 months one was sold and we received just under £2,000 as they took 25% from the amount.

    Months later there were no sales and when we complained to Angela Brook she said “Recession” but asked us to come back giving us a free week to discuss the situation and then said “Sorry, we have let you down but she could remedy this” – upgrade to Paramount – money back put against a City which would be 5,000£ more. She also pointed out that we would be responsible for the maintenance for each of the 5 remaining items. This worried us as she said that the maintenance would go up each year. She said a City (basic) would sell as it was a Paramount, so we proceeded under pressure. There was a great pressure and we felt threatened. We were told we would be silly to lose money when we could get it back when the City was sold.

    When we returned in 2005 later to stay in the Paramount we asked her for resales but she stalled saying it might be in 2007 when Jamaica is up and running. But there was always an excuse. And in 2007 it became 2009, then 2011 and now 2015.

    In 2009 we asked for resales and she said that the City would not sell (despite saying that it would when we bought it). She said that the Island would be better as there were 2 weeks etc and Jamaica, Dubai (when ready) were for 2 weeks.

    We were offered a package of a loan of £15,000 through Barclays Partner Finance and we would get 10,000£ cheque so we agreed.
    Barry Fox said our Island was increasing all the time and the latest value was £62,000

    Eventually we settled this hoping to avoid early settlement charges but we had some. Barry Fox was involved and he approved the deal. We realised it was his proposal not Angela Brooke’s.

    Angela Brooke left to be married and was pregnant so we were passed over to two other male reps but we cannot remember their names.

    The maintenance has gone up and up and in 2012 it was £598 but next year it will be more. Our next maintenance is due in January, the 1st 2013.

    We found out that the Resort Properties was now Silverpoint when we tried to book a week in the Paramount. Eventually our phone call prompted a letter. We were unable to book the Paramount because it was full.

    Barclays Partner Finance loan form was not filled in by us and I was over 72 years of age when we were accepted by Barclays Partner Finance. No Barclays Partner Finance representative was present when we signed.

    We are both pensioners and our life saving have been eroded, and we have been lied to by Resort Properties as a so called Investment.

    We would never have done anything like this over a long term period. The promised resales have never materialised and we wish we had never stayed in Resort Properties in the first place.

    Maintenance costs have gone up more than what they said which was in line with Spanish inflation.

    We are certainly worse off both financially and health-wise. My wife particularly worries about the fee we need to pay from 2013 onwards.

    We were persuaded that we needed to upgrade each time to make resale easy. We still have not got a date because I do not believe 2015 is true.

    We have spent in excess of £25,000 and haven’t received one single penny from our “investment”


  26. JAC says:

    In the August 2008, having recently been made redundant, I received a telephone call from a marketing company inviting me to holiday in Tenerife at a discounted cost for one week and the only stipulation they requested was that I attend a meeting with a rep at Resort Properties. I accepted this condition of a cheap holiday and my partner and I flew out for one week in February 2009 staying at Beverly Heights resort.

    On the 4th February a Resort Properties rep by the name of Matt Harper escorted us to their sales office and begun telling us about timeshares that we could purchase. I explained that my partner was on long time sick and that that she was claiming incapacity benefit and that having been made redundant last year, I was working for a temporary agency working as a driver on a minimum wage and that some weeks I would not be working due to lack of work. I explained that we did not take regular holiday due to other personal commitments which we had to fulfil.

    Matt accepted that we would not be at all interested in purchasing a timeshare and started to discuss to us a “client” he had that would regularly come over to see him and purchase 20/30 properties at a vastly reduced price at between £ 200.00/£ 300.00 each and showed us his account and how much money he was managing for him. Again, we were not interested as we knew that the monthly income we were getting, and no savings in our bank account, we would never be able to raise thousands of pounds needed to finance this particular arrangement.

    At this point, Matt knew that we could not afford this and that we were not interested in joining him. A few moments later Matt brought over his manager and explained to her in front of us our circumstances, he iterated that we do not take holidays, that we have personal commitments which do not allow us to travel, that we did not have the finance in which to purchase any timeshares in that my partner was claiming incapacity benefit and I was working temporary, some weeks working, some weeks not. She explained to Matt that there was an option that he had not mentioned to me and that was that they could arrange through Barclay´s Bank a loan of £ 25000.00 whereby they would issue me six apartments. They explained the process of this deal both Matt and his manager explained that Resort Properties were not allowed to keep “distressed stock” and that as a way around the legal process they would allocate me six timeshare units on the understanding that they would buy these properties back from me within 12 months ( 18 months at the latest ). They would give me £ 3750.00 to cover the repayments and that they would, once accepted, transfer the debt to a company that would charge a lesser interest so that the £ 3750.00 would cover the repayments. They told me that they would sell all six properties with possibly a small amount of profit at the end of twelve months as a thank you and that I could then repeat the process for further year with them, again stressing to me that I would never have to worry about maintenance fees as they would sell the properties before maintenance was due.

    I was still sceptical about this process as I knew that my credit rating was not good as I was on a very low wage and that there was very little equity available in my property. Matt´s manager insisted on putting an application for credit to Barclay´s just to see if they would accept me as she said that we were lovely couple and that we could probably benefit from an additional income of £ 2000.00 per year to help with our finances. About 10 – 15 minutes went by and Matt´s manager returned to the table all exited saying that I had been approved for the loan. I was totally surprised with this news as I had recently been turned down recently in the UK for a small overdraft from my bank. Matt and his manager were delighted that I had been accepted and could not see any reason for the deal not to be completed. She went away and came back with a list of properties she was going to allocate to me.

    Both Matt and his manager convinced me that I would not lose any money from the deal as they would sell the properties within 12months and that it was safe. They explained that once I returned to the UK that the finance group would be in touch with me and find me a finance deal that would reduce the monthly repayments. They told me that Barclay finance would not be taking any payments within the first six months which would allow me time to have the finances transferred.

    During these six months the financial group contacted me and were unable to find a company that would take the debt due to me not being able to get credit. (This is something I feared would happen as I am not sure as to why I was accepted by Barclay´s). When the six months were up, Barclay´s started to request monthly repayments at £ 1232.89 which I was able to pay out of the cheques I had received from Resort Properties of £ 3750.00. I was able to pay the first three months from this payment and I then approached Barclay´s to see if they would be able to reduce my monthly repayments which they declined.

    I telephoned Resort Properties to enquire if they had managed to find buyers for my allotted apartments and explained that I had not been able to transfer the loan to a different company with lower APR and I explained that time was of essence for them to sell the apartments as they had promised. If they could have at least sold one of them, it would have helped me continue to repay Barclays. I continued to phone Resort Properties on numerous occasions enquiring if they have sold any of my allotted apartments each time being told no they hadn´t. I was then beginning to worry as I then started to receive letters from them advising me that maintenance payments soon need paying by me, which were totalling nearly £1800.00. I explained that I would not be able to pay these as Matt had explained to me that all properties would be sold and that I would never have to pay maintenance and I have believed him as he was very convincing.

    In June 2010, I again went back to Tenerife Resort Properties to see Matt and explain my financial problems and tried to appeal to him that he should sell my properties as promised. He could see that I was very upset and that I was coming to the end of my tether with the stress that these timeshares were bringing me. He assured me that he would prioritize my apartments to get them sold. This has still not happened to this date.

    In March 2011, I received correspondence from Resort Properties that they have received an offer for one of the properties for £ 1750.00 and asked me to sign to accept the offer which I did. I had not paid any maintenance for 2011 so they issued me to write a nil cheque for the apartment as the maintenance bill had to be paid. I have not heard anything else from resort Properties with regards to selling the remaining properties I own and I feel very let down as they have not sold the apartments as they promised to do.

    I feel that they have mis-sold me these apartments as they knew that I would not take annual holidays and that I had no means in which to pay yearly maintenance.

    I have been conned out of £ 25000.00 for properties I never intended to use.

    Both Matt and his manager knew that I was not financially able to buy these properties for my own use and I now know that like many people, I was mis-sold. I had no use for one timeshare, let alone 5

    I visited the Resort Properties offices ( now Silverpoint) at the end of 2011 in the hope that after hearing my circumstances of being unemployed, they would assist me in buying my 5 timeshares from me and releasing my contract with them as I would be struggling to find finance for the coming maintenance bill of around £ 2000.00 for 2012.

    A Silverpoint representative by the name of Adam agreed to see me to discuss my problem and seated me at his desk to hear what I had to say. I explained to him that I had five timeshare properties within the complex and that due to me being currently unemployed, I would not to be able to pay the maintenance bill that would be issued within the next couple of months. He explained that Silverpoint would not be buying any timeshare from Resort Properties clients as they were prioritizing Silverpoint clients only and that my best option would be to invest in an up-market suite at their Paradise Resort situated down the hill. Again I explained that I was unemployed and that I would not, even if I wanted to, be able to acquire credit, as I was not credit worthy and I had very little disposable income. I told him I was there to ask for assistance from Silverpoint to honour Resort Properties clients and buy back from me my five timeshares to release me from the burden of paying maintenance on timeshares that I do not use.

    Adam left the desk and left me several to speak with the finance manager to see if they could come up with a remedy to my problem. Eventually, the finance manager came and sat down with Adam and myself and proposed a deal that they thought would benefit me. This deal involved trading in all five properties and paying them a deposit equivalent to my maintenance bill for 2012. This, they said would need to be paid to them within 14 days. This would be to the value of around £ 2000.00. In addition to this, the manager advised me that I would then need to pay £ 71 per month. He explained that the finance would be arranged in house and not through any credit agencies. In return they would give/upgrade me to own a three bedroom premier deluxe suit in Hollywood Mirage. This is the best offer they would do for me and maintenance would be calculated at around £ 450.00 per annum for the property.

    Adam explained that I would then automatically become a Silverpoint member and in 2014, they would then put my timeshare up for sale and they would then be able to get most of my money back from the original £ 25000.00 that I had taken out credit on with Barclays finance. I told him that I had these claims before from resort Properties and asked him what makes him so sure that he would be successful in selling the three bedroom up market property. He claimed that his company were more professional and he saw no reason why they would not to be able to fulfil the sale. I told him that I would not to be able to agree to anything until I had spoken with my partner later in the evening. He was adamant that I spoke with her immediately as the offer was only on the table now and that I would not to have the opportunity to make this deal at a later date. He made arrangements so that I could use their phone from one of their offices and telephone my home, which I did. My partner saw through the false promises and categorically told me no to go through with the deal and to leave resort immediately. I told Adam the outcome was a no, he was still insisting to me that the offer was the best that I would ever receive from them and that I was making a huge mistake. I replied that I valued my relationship and that I was walking out as I had no further need to stay. He made it quite clear that they will not be offering me any other option to sell my timeshares.

    I am appalled that even though I have stressed to Silverpoint that I am unemployed and not credit worthy, that they still want to increase my debt liability to sell me a timeshare that I will not use or rent. I am very concerned that instead of trying to help reduce my financial commitments, they insist on selling you a property with the promise that they sell it for you in two years’ time. It seems to be a story I have heard before and do not wish to be taken for an idiot by spending money that I don’t have.

    I am currently unemployed with a poor credit history and yet Silverpoint insist on loaning me money that I am unable to repay.

    This whole episode with Resort Properties/Silverpoints has caused myself an enormous amount of stress and upset and on many occasions has put my relationship with my partner in jeopardy.

    I have started legal proceedings against Resort Properties as I feel that I cannot get on with my life with the worry and hassle this company has put me and my partner through.


  27. GD says:

    We were first introduced to Resort Properties in 2002 when after visiting their offices at the Beverly Hill Heights and after being pressurised for some 6 hours we purchased one week in one bed deluxe apartment at the Hollywood Mirage Resort.

    The total cost was £8295.00 we had to pay a deposit of £2095.00 and we finally got away at 5.00pm that day.

    We were invited back to their office several days later and persuaded to invest by purchasing two studios at the Beverley Hills Club Resort. This would then give us a return on our investment within two years of 20% which would help offset the cost of our timeshare at the Hollywood Mirage. The purchase price for this investment was £4594.00 and again we were had to pay a deposite on the day of £1148.00. These studios was eventually sold for £1250.00 each less Resort Properties commission of 25% thus giving us a loss of £2719.00 plus we had to pay £432.00 in maintenance fees.

    On our next visit to our timeshare apartment and after many hours again in their offices we were persuaded to a second week at the Hollywood Mirage so that we could enjoy a two week holiday instead of just one week. Again we had to pay £5045.00 and a deposite on the day of £1040.00.

    When we revisited the Hollywood Mirage for our annual holiday in 2004 we again found ourselves inside the Resort Properties office and this time after many hours of browbeating they persuaded us to purchase two weeks in the same apartment since we had to move apartments at the end of our first week . In order to achieve this we firstly had to purchase their two weeks and then Resort Properties would then sell our existing timeshare and take 25% for this services so in order to get away from these pressure sales people we agreed and paid a total of £9631.00 for the new arrangement and again we had to pay a deposite on the day of £1000.00. When our old timeshare weeks were sold we received just £1950.00 for something we had paid £13,340.00 for some 2 years ago.

    We then returned to Tenerife in March 2005 which was a free promotional week at the Beverley Hills Club but again we found ourselves in the Resort Properties office for just an “update” on changes. This time and again under immense duress we were persuaded to invest this time in a more saleable 2 weeks in a one bed apartment at the BHC Resort (Beverley Hills Club).They again told us that we would make at least a 25% profit on the deal all within 18 months guaranteed. We again whilst trying to get some of our money back off Resort Properties and to get out of this pressure cooker environment made the purchase at a cost of £5700.00 with again having to pay a deposite on the day of £1700.00.

    And there’s more:- We returned to Tenerife for our annual two week holiday at the Hollywood Mirage in September 2005 and again found ourselves in the dreadful place the Resort Properties Office. This time the sales pitch involved the “Club Paradiso”. Again all we wanted was to get some of our moneys back from Resort Properties and the way forward in order to achieve this was to join the brand new 5 Star Club Paradiso scheme. The 5 star system would guarantee we would get all our money back since the projected value of a “City” membership would be in the region of £35,000.00 due to the immense interest with the USA market and the resale office should be open well within the next 12 months. So bearing in mind we were at the time having to pay 4 weeks maintenance fees for our existing timeshare we decided to take a chance once again and believe what we were told and joined Club Paradiso at an entry level of a one bed City for one week.

    The price was £12,950.00 and again we had to pay a deposite on the day of £500.00. We were also told that our existing time share ownership would go towards this purchase price so this was why we only got £950.00 per week from this resale.

    The years past but alas the Resort Properties Club Paradiso resale Dept. never opened.

    Then in 2009 again we found ourselves in the Resort Properties office once again trying to find out what is happening to all their promises and we were assured that the resale’s would commence well within the next 6 to 9 months but when it does we would find ourselves at the bottom of the Club Paradiso sales. We only owned a one bed apartment catering for only two people but the best resale apartment was the two bed “Island” apartment since this caters for 4 people. Therefore if we wanted our investment return sooner we need to upgrade to an Island. The resale value of an Island would be in the region of £45,000.00. The cost of the upgrade would be £12,950.00 but seeing that this would be sold well within the next 12 months for £45,000.00+ the debt would be cleared by this time next year.
    We explained to the sales rep. that we had already invested all of our retirement saving into Resort Properties and we had no more moneys lift to upgrade. The solution they offered was a loan from Barclays Finance at £160.00 per month for 10 years and Resort Properties would give us the 1st Years contributions up front. Thus when the Island is sold well within this 12 month period we would be in a position to pay off this loan and receive a large profit from the sale. We were absolutely assured the resale dept would both be open and the disposal of the timeshare would be complete well within the 12 month period.

    The people involved with all this actions were as follows:-

    1. Peter Wallbridge.
    2. Barry Fox.
    3. Simon Walker
    4. Doug Smythe

    We decided as a last resort to go ahead with this purchase and accepted the loan facility offered by Barclays Finance for £12,950.00

    Again no resale dept. ever opened and we are now left with a debt of £12,950.00 at £160.00 per month for another 7.5 years.

    This crippling loan for a 71 year old on a pension since Resort properties have removed all our life savings is very distressing and causes us a lot of financial problems. Resort Properties have one way an another taken a total of £51,713.00 , all our life savings over the last 10 years and have left us penniless.

    The last straw to all of this was when we received a letter informing us that a company called SilverPoint had taken over ownership of Resort Properties and that Resort Properties no longer existed although it appears the same personal are working in the same offices in Tenerife.


  28. Timeshare Refund Network says:

    Dear Mrs Wilson

    Im sure you will have seen Alberto Garcia’s latest post on blog.

    In it he makes gross misrepresentations about our company. We know for fact that if we try to get him to issue our response on his web site we know he won’t do it so please can you post our response to him on your web site?

    Dear Mr Garcia

    We are highly amused by your recent posting on your web site.

    We still cannot believe the lengths you will go to cover up the fraudulent activities of the Timeshare Companies which you work for.

    You claim to be a “Registered Consumer Association” so please, tell us where you are registered because we cannot find you anywhere? Our lawyers have contacted the Consumer Association here in Spain and they haven’t heard of you either?

    Resort Properties/Silverpoint is currently being investigated for one of the biggest timeshare frauds EVER and you still make no mention of it on your blog – why?

    Surely as a “Registered Consumer Association” you would be more than happy to warn the general public about their well-documented fraudulent activities?

    Anyone who googles Resort Properties/Silverpoint will see a whole host of warnings about this company but on your blog NOTHING – why?

    Take a look at the FACTS about Resort Properties/Silverpoint. Currently there are:

    • OVER 200 CRIMINAL cases listed in the courts in Tenerife
    • OVER 100 CIVIL cases listed in the several different courts in Tenerife.
    • OVER 200 CASES in the UK against Resort Properties and Barclays finance in the UK

    This a lot of VERY UNHAPPY CONSUMERS so why isn’t it mentioned on your blog?

    I will tell you why.

    Because Mr Garcia we know that you are paid by the “Big Guns” in the timeshare industry to cover up their fraudulent activities. You are not a “Consumer Association” you are just a guy who gets paid a lot of money by the crooks of the timeshare industry to cover up their dirty dealings.

    HUNDREDS of consumers have been ripped off by Resort Properties/Silverpoint and when companies like ours try to help these people, and I mean really help them by showing them how they can join the proceedings against the companies which have ripped them off what do you do? You don’t applaud them for their efforts; you don’t direct your unhappy consumers to them so that they can help them too, you just post a load of lies on your blog warning AGAINST the very companies that can help them.

    You really are the lowest of the low.

    You are not working in the best interests of the consumer; you work for the Timeshare Companies and their “self-regulatory” board – the RDO and all you do is COVER UP one scam after another.

    You know Resort Properties/Silverpoint is ripping people off every single day, you know about the pending legal claims against the company so WHY isn’t it mentioned on your blog. I think we all know the answer to that question.

    To anyone reading this then DO NOT believe a word Alberto Garcia says, DO NOT believe anything he posts on his blog. This man is a liar.

  29. JA says:

    Dear Mrs Wilson

    Please post our dealings with Resort Properties/Silver points in order to WARN OTHERS about this company and the scam they are running.

    As you will read our story began back in 2007 and sadly is similar to your other readers. However, what your readers may be interested to know is that even today, as we grow close to finding a solution to our problems through a company willing to help us fight them do we find that they continue to harass us, bombard us with lies and then add insult to injury by offering to LIST OUR WEEKS FOR RESALE OR GIVE US EVEN MORE WORTHLESS RESALE WEEKS – that’s their solution!

    We first visited Resort Properties in Tenerife in May 2007 and were sold a portfolio of timeshare weeks having been given an assurance that we would make at LEAST a 15% profit when they re-sold them for us. We were both very reluctant to purchase, but, after hours and hours of relentless hard sell we agreed to proceed. We were asked for a credit card deposit of 1000 pounds, which we gave. We were given the receipt and were told this would not be cashed as the sale was to be finance funded.

    In 2007 there had been no re-sales and were told that we needed to” trade up” to a Paradiso City Level and 1 week in Holiday Mirage to effect a sale.. For this we had to pay a further 12,500 pounds each.

    Each time we upgraded we saw no evidence of exact prices or individual units to enable us to make an informed decision regarding these transactions nor given any forecasts of future maintenance charges.

    The sales pitch was always about the future sale of what we owned, always supposed to be at a profit.

    The last time we saw a rep., August 2011 we were invited along to discuss membership of Silverpoint who had taken over Resort Properties. We were told that we had to join Silverpoint otherwise we would lose everything.

    This would be at a cost to us of £9,000 Paid via a finance provided by Barclays Partner Finance, costing £200 per month.

    The deposit of £738 was provided by Silverpoint in-house finance at £23.26 per month. We were also told that in January 2012 we would receive a Silverpoint Credit Card which would already have £3,000 cash loaded on to it. This could be used to help pay the finance until Resale’s would commence in 2015, then we should recover DOUBLE our money or more.
    The rep we saw bought in his manager Mr Peter Walbridge, who arranged all of the above.

    Of course nothing he told us came to anything – we have never received a penny from this “investment”

    Having re-mortgaged our house to fund all of this PLUS crippling monthly finance payments PLUS the burden of the annual maintenance fees on weeks we didn’t even want to say we were desperate was an understatement.

    In the middle of 2011 we were contacted by a company in Tenerife who claimed they could help resolve our problems with Resort Properties. Having been so badly ripped off by Resort Properties/Silverpoints we were reluctant to trust anyone else but as we had lost so much already we thought why not – for the cost of a flight what did we have to lose?

    In November 2011 we went to Tenerife and met the company who claimed to be able to help us and to our utter relief we could see this was a genuine company. They had in depth knowledge of the sales tricks and pressure Resort Properties used to con innocent people out of their life savings and we were introduced to other victims of this pre-orchestrated swindle. Whilst we were saddened by other people’s terrible stories, some far worse than ours, it was a relief to see that we were not on our own. During our trip to Tenerife we found that over 200 people were already being represented in court and that another 250 people were waiting to have their cases prepared against Resort Properties/Silverpoints and we were happy to add our names to that list. The company in Tenerife works with 16 Lawyers in both Tenerife and Gran Canaria, all of which you can check out and I was shown evidence of the cases which they had already prepared, again all this could be confirmed by court references.

    On our return home we were contacted directly by our appointed lawyer and were happy and relieved that something very positive was happening. Our lawyer reviewed our case and confirmed that that he would begin CRIMINAL proceedings against Resort Properties on our behalf.

    In September 2012 we decided to return to Tenerife and stay at Hollywood Mirage – we had paid the maintenance for that week and weren’t going to waste it. However, prior to arriving we were called by Leanne Mortimer to say that she would like to see us. I knew what this would be about. My lawyer had warned that if I went over they would try to persuade me to drop the case against them – other clients of his had experienced similar harassment and intimidation techniques and he warned me to be on my guard.

    I told Leanne Mortimer that I would NOT be going to see her that I had nothing to say but she insisted on coming to see me and out of curiosity I decided to see what she had to say.

    During her 90 minute visit it was evident that Leanne Mortimer wasn’t here to help me, she was here to dish as much dirt as possible about the company helping me and in doing so try to persuade me to drop my criminal case against Resort Properties. She said she knew the company I was dealing with very well, that they were crooks and that they would never win a case against Resort Properties. To everyone reading this I can assure you that this company is totally legitimate and that I have direct access to the lawyer representing me in court.

    I eventually told Leanne that I wasn’t interested in what she had to say and that if they wanted me to drop the case all they had to do was PAY ME MY MONEY BACK – THE FULL 90.000 POUNDS WHICH THEY CONNED ME OUT OF – it was that simple.

    She said she didn’t have the authority to make those kinds of decisions and told me I must go to see David Taylor the Sales Director.

    Out of curiosity this is exactly what I did.

    Again during this meeting David Taylor said the same as Leanne Mortimer that the company I was using to prepare my case against Resort Properties/Silverpoints were crooks and that they would never win a case against Resort Properties.

    Again when I politely pointed out that I wasn’t interested in what he had to say and that I would gladly stop my criminal proceedings if they just gave me my money back surprising David Taylor agreed and left the office to confirm this in writing.

    Below is the letter he gave me. As you will see it is just another fob off, another empty promise to list my weeks for resale – the same fob off they have been giving me since 2007. Needless to say I was appalled and I am looking forward to my day in court. These people must be stopped. To anyone else taking legal action against them do not listen to their lies, do not let them intimidate you and do not fall for their promises again. UNLESS THEY OFFER TO GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK IN FULL IN WRITING WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS stay well away and let your lawyers do what they do best – make criminals pay for their crimes.

    Finally let me tell you that during the meetings with both Leanne Mortimer and David Taylor I had video recording equipment. I knew that these people would lie to me again and try to cheat me so I took precautions. Both video recordings are now in the hands of my lawyer who will include them in my case against Resort Properties/Silver points. The evidence on them is extremely incriminating not only for Resort Properties/Silverpoints but also for Leanne Mortimer and David Taylor. I have asked my lawyer to add both these people to the ongoing criminal investigation against Resort Properties/Silverpoints

  30. Mathew Koelz says:

    Please keep us up to date with what is going on as we are in the same boat regarding what we consider a mis-selling of timeshares to us as an ‘investment’ after an 8 hour sales pitch wore us down.
    We’ve done everything we can think of to get rid of the timeshares, even offering to give the weeks back for free, but they won’t accept that option either… some investment and confidence they have in the fantastic property resale values. We’ve subsequently discovered that the properties that we wer sold were what ‘they’ call distressed, and never likely to sell.
    The cheek of it is, they tried to sell us something else the following year, and we nearly fell for it as it was a way of ‘cutting our losses’ with 1 scheme only to pay an extra 20K to invest in another, and then they would have taken the properties back.
    One of the reasons we were caught out is because we do have a lovely timeshare in Malta, which is fixed term (28 years) and a fixed maintenance at less than half the price at Beverly Hills…
    I’m guessing the timeshare owners club at the reort is keeping very quiet about what has gone on and is ongoing.

  31. Mathew Koelz says:

    The company that took over is just as bad with respect to they ‘manage’. We were never informed of the takeover by them of Resort Properties, and never informed by them that they were not reselling any properties, until we got a letter from them regarding outstanding maintenance fees.
    I’m looking forward to the day when Resort Properties/Silverpoint are forced to re-imburse all those that were mis-sold timeshares, not only the initial ammount, but also an accruing percentage for all the stress and heartache caused to all concerned. I also think that the ‘Beverly Hills’ organisation must also accept a large part of the blame for not overseeing the way that thei appointed management company worked, and neither did the Time-Share complaints body, when contacted, in fact, if I remember correctly, the person I spoke to was actually directly involved with the Beverly Hills complex!

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