Mindtimeshare – Alberto Garcia
Resort Properties Scam Exposed

I have read with interest the blog created by Mr Alberto Garcia called Mindtimeshare.  Initially I came across his blog because I was looking for help.  I could see that he works for the RDO and claimed to help victims of Timeshare Fraud. I myself have been conned out of thousands of pounds by Resort Properties and naively though this man, with the full backing of the RDO could help.

It didn’t take me long to discover this man’s objective and it’s NOT to help victims of timeshare fraud it is actually to provide a smokescreen behind which hides one of the timeshare industries BIGGEST FRAUDS.

To find out what motivates him to do this I only had to look at who employs him – the RDO – and then to look at who sits on the board of Directors of the RDO – Mark Cushway – the CEO of Resort Properties………

So now I know why Resort Properties (now Silver Points) is not mentioned anywhere on his blog!!

There are many articles going back several years warning people about the scam that Resort properties were running – these articles were on the web and in the newspapers – they were not difficult to find – so why hasn’t Mr Garcia mentioned it in his blog?? Why isn’t he and the RDO warning consumers??

Take a look at the following articles yourself

In 2007 Sandy Grey was VERY clear about the fraud Resort Properties were perpetrating:


In 2008 the Daily Mirror ran an article warning the public of the Resort Properties Fraud:


Again in 2009 The Daily Mirror ran another article



So, if indeed as he states, Alberto Garcia has been the head of enforcement of the RDO since 2007 why hasn’t he mentioned this huge fraud???? Why does he and the RDO continue to allow this company  to con thousands of families every single year out of their life savings??

More recently there has been an article in the Times and STILL NOTHING IS MENTION ON HIS BLOG????


Consumer Affairs

Timeshare con victims unite to sue Barclays

Laura Shannon

October 8 2011 12:01AM

Credit Act brings hope for those stuck with unsaleable holiday properties

Timeshare owners struggling to afford rising management fees are being advised to check their original finance agreements because they may have grounds to seek redress under the Consumer Credit Act.

People who feel that they were conned into buying poor-quality timeshares have been left trapped in expensive deals for life, while others have been tricked a second time by dodgy companies offering to sell their shares for a fee — a sale that never happens.

Now a 200-strong group of timeshare holders in the UK has started collective legal action against Barclays over the bank’s role in providing credit to fund deals that customers feel were misrepresented at the point of sale.

Clive Zietman, of the law firm Stewarts Law LLP, initiated civil action on behalf of the group, which originally bought through Resort Properties. The company has since been taken over by Silverpoint. He says: “There will be other cases out there similar to this and it puts banks in a very awkward position. If customers have had no joy from the timeshare company, they should check how the deal was funded.”

Barclays says that it cannot comment on specific details of the case.

Silverpoint noted that it is a separate business to Resort Properties and that it is accredited by the timeshare association TATOC and is a member of the European trade body the Resort Development Organisation (RDO). A spokesman says: “Any Silverpoint customer can contact the company customer service department at any time to discuss any potential issues, which the company will do its utmost to


So what is my point???

My point is that I want to STOP Resort Properties / Silver points from ripping anymore people off.

I want to make sure that no one suffers the financial and emotional hardship I have had to endure.

I want all the victims of this blatant and predetermined crime to help me put an end to this abuse.

Please, if you have been a victim of this crime tell me your story – let me publish it on my blog and help me warn others.


FACT Alberto Garcia is covering up one of THE biggest timeshare frauds in the history of the Timeshare Industry.
FACT 200 people in the UK are claiming damages against Barclays Finance  after being duped out of thousands of Euros by Resort Properties
FACT Silver Points/ Resort Properties is also being sued CRIMINALLY BY  OVER 150 PEOPLE claiming damages in excess of SIX MILLION EUROS
FACT This number is rising on a weekly basis
FACT NOWHERE on his mindtimeshare web site does Alberto Garcia even mention any of this? WHY?
FACT Alberto Garcia/Mindtimeshare is paid by the RDO
FACT Resort Properties/Silver points pays a substantial fee to the RDO
FACT The fee which Resort Properties/Silver Points pays to the RDO comes from their members
FACT So, the members who are been ripped off by Resort Properties’/Silver points are actually paying Aberto Garcias/Mindtimeshare wages
FACT MARK CUSHWAY is a member of the board of RDO http://www.rdoconference.org/mark-cushway/
FACT Mark Cushway was the CEO of Resort Properties
FACT Mar Cushway is now the CEO of Silver Points
FACT Alberto Garcia/Mindtimeshare cannot investigate the company which pays his wages
FACT RDO cannot investigate one of its own board members – especially one who pays the such a large fee
FACT BOTH the RDO AND Alberto Garcia are guilty of covering up the Resort Properties/Silver Points fraud

Again let me ask you to publish your own stories on this blog and let’s expose the real truth.

As I said I am part of the group currently suing Resort Properties/Silver points through the courts in Tenerife.

If you are also a Resort Properties or Silver Points victim and want to join the proceeding then contact me IMMEDIATELY

Mrs Wilson


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35 Responses to Mindtimeshare – Alberto Garcia
Resort Properties Scam Exposed

  1. Jim McDale says:

    Hi, I am very interested in your comments. I paid resort properties £25,000 for 6 timeshare weeks in November 2009 with the promise that they would let them out and sell them for a profit. 2 years later I still have them and they are chasing me for maintenance. I took a Barclays loan for 6 months interest free, then paid it off. Please post more information about who you are using to sue Barclays and what it is costing you. many thanks

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr McDale

      Thank you for your comment. I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experience with Resort Properties.

      Given the sensitive nature of my case im sure you can appreciate that at this stage I would like to keep certain details confidential as it is an on-going case.

      I will contact you personally on the email you have provided and give you the information which you requested.

      Merry Christmas!

      Mrs Wilson

  2. Kathy says:

    We are owners at Resort Properties and we attended a meeting in Livingston in Scotland under the understanding that ITRA would take legal actions against them on the miss selling of timeshares. We ended up talking with Club Class International and foolishly believed the horrific stories about children and gran children being left with debt from the timeshares. After handing over a significant amount of money a year later we still own the timeshares with no title deeds and receiving phone calls from ITRA and receiving maintenance fees bills from Resort Properties. So we have been cheated twice, once by Resort Properties and then by ITRA.
    Any advice would be gratefully appreciated and further action we could take??

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. Personally I have had no dealings with ITRA but I have noted that there are indeed complaints about them. For this reason I have removed their comment from my blog.

      With regards where you are now with Resort Properties then I can put you in direct contact with my lawyer. He will be able to advise you on what you can do now you no longer have the title deeds.


      Mrs Wilson

  3. John Bailey says:

    Hi, I have just come across your blog and think you will be interested in my own experience.

    I am also in the process of suing Resort Properties and a few weeks ago I contacted the mindtimeshare blog hosted by Alberto Garcia who claims to be representing the RDO

    As expected my comments never made it onto his blog but unexpectedly I actually did receive a personal reply and over the last few weeks have been corresponding with him. I think you will be interested to read what he said.

    Firstly I asked him about the newspaper article in the Times.

    This was his response

    Dear Mr. Bailey,

    Thank you very much for your comment on the Mindtimeshare Blog.

    You ask us about the company Resort Properties (now Silverpoint) and the fact that we do not mention this company on the blog.

    For us Resort Properties does certainly not fall under what we call a fraudulent company and neither can we compare this company to any of the companies mentioned on the blog. There are thousands of families who enjoy year after year their holidays at the Silverpoint Resorts. The resorts exist, the holidays are booked and the proof is the amount of people that use this system and are happy with what they own.

    Indeed there are certain problems which are raised by groups of owners, and of course we as part of RDO are aware of these problems and complaints. But because Resort Properties / Silverpoint is a RDO member and also connected to TATOC, which are the main bodies who safeguard the wellbeing of the timeshare consumers in Europe, we can assure you the issue is being looked at and monitored by the right authorities in this industry.

    We hope that the above has given you the clarification you were looking for.

    Kind regards

    Alberto García
    Enforcement Project responsible at http://www.rdo.org
    Director of Mindtimeshare

    Needless to say I wasn’t happy with this; I was very upset and angry and sent him the following reply – which again never made it onto his blog.

    Dear Mr Garcia

    Thank you for your reply.

    I can see that neither my question nor your reply has actually been posted on your Blog which I can only assume is because either you have a personal interest in protecting this company or the RDO has an interest in protecting this company.

    Why didn’t you post my question? What have you got to hide?

    You say that Resort Properties/Silver Points “does certainly not fall under what we call a fraudulent company” So you think that a company who has over 150 of their members suing them criminally in court for over 6 million euros in damages is not a fraudulent company? I really would like to know exactly what you do class as a fraudulent company.

    You say that Resort Properties/Silver points is “a RDO member and also connected to TATOC” so what? Does this exonerate them from their crimes?

    I, like hundreds of other people have been totally ripped off by this company. I was sold an “investment” product which was supposed to generate income for my retirement. Now I will be lucky if I reach retirement – this whole business has left me and my wife financially broke and the stress has seriously affected our health.

    Honestly, do you really know anything about what your members are up to? Do you actually know what goes on at their resorts? You say they are being “looked and monitored by the right authorities in the industry” what exactly does this mean? Who is looking into them? Please let me know so I can contact them directly and tell them exactly what they need to know.

    Go to the courts in Tenerife, get a copy of the claim that has been lodged against Resort Properties/Silver Points, read for yourself exactly what this company has done to me and more like me. After reading it im sure your opinion “does certainly not fall under what we call a fraudulent company” will be very much changed.

    I came to you for help and your reply certainly has given me “clarification” clarification that you and the RDO are not interested in helping me just in protecting one of your members. By not doing anything you are as bad as they are.

    Mr Garcia, let me tell you one thing, this company is committing fraud and with or without your assistance I will make sure they are stopped.

    Kind regards

    This was his response

    Dear Mr. Bailey,

    Thanks again for your reply.

    You state that Resort Properties has defrauded over 6 millions of Euros and Barclays Bank is also involved in this fraud?
    And over 150 members of the resort have put a demand in court against the company.

    Would it be possible to have a copy of the demand they filed in court? The one against Resort Properties because of fraud? I assume that if you lodged this claim at one of the Courts in Tenerife, the document is in Spanish.

    Before I can give a clear and correct opinion about this, I really need to see the copies of this demand to assess what this is about, as sincerely I have no knowledge of these demands in Court.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Alberto García

    Again, unhappy with his response I responded as follows:

    Dear Mr Garcia

    Thank you for your reply.

    Quite frankly I do not believe that you are not aware of this case. In fact I believe that you are far too close to Resort Properties. I believe you and the RDO know exactly what is going on (Mr. Cushway is on the Board of the RDO), and I believe your last email is just an attempt to protect yourself. Publish our whole correspondence on your blog, including my latest reply and I will be happy to put you in contact with the law firm which is handling all cases.


    The final response I received from him was this

    Dear Mr. Bailey,

    Thank again for your message.

    I am truly sorry you don’t believe me, as it is the truth.

    With regards to the matter of publishing the comments on the blog, our policy is to not publish any comments / articles with accusations that we cannot back up with facts / documentation.
    Everything published on the blog falls directly under my responsibility and I cannot take risks with publications I cannot defend if taken to court.
    So I am afraid that in this case I cannot publish until I do receive the relevant proof that these serious accusations are based on true facts.

    Kind regards
    Alberto García

    Honestly how much more evidence does this guy need? Over 200 people are claiming against them in the UK? Over 150 people are suing them in Tenerife? How many other people have to be ripped off before he does something?

    It’s incredible isn’t it? This guy claims to be some sort of “expert” in exposing fraudulent activities but turns a blind eye to the biggest one which is occurring right under his nose.

    You really do have to question his motives for this cover up don’t you? He could expose this fraud if he wanted to but he doesn’t does he because this would put him (and a few other people) out of a job. Good for you for exposing this guy and for exposing the corruption of the RDO.

    Good luck with your own case against Resort Properties. I urge everyone who’s has had similar experiences to contact you so you can publish the truth about this company – even if your Blog makes only a handful of people think again about signing up then your work has been worth it.

    As soon as I have any positive news from my own case against Resort Properties I will let you know.

  4. Gary Millward says:

    Its about time someone did this, i knew there was no truth behind that Mr Garcia, giving it the big one on all what he calls relevant topics within the timeshare industry but forgets to mention about where all the scams start……direct from the resorts and the developers. On many occassions have i brought up to mind timeshare how mislead i was when buying my ownerships which cost me 1,000´s but no topics started nor any advise to stop other poeple been victims. I will be advertising this website to as many people within the timeshare industry as i can. Good Luck with the site and thank you, ” Mr Garcia, the dogs are barking”

  5. Danny Trejo says:

    Hello everyone,

    Finally someone decided to do something about mr Garcia and his blog slating everything and everyone but RDO and the criminals from Resort Properties who back them up financially. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER IN THE TIMESHARE BUSINESS! Congratulations to mr Garcia and his credibility!!!

  6. payback says:

    At Last,silverpoint LESS are starting to understand the pain and worry they have caused thousands over the years, is trotter away from it all noooooooo just using Cushway as his puppet, please keep going and we will have some kind of result, lets make this a great 2012

  7. Alan says:


    I have just found your blog and would be grateful if you could publish our story. We have also launched a claim against Resort Properties in Tenerife. Our lawyer has told us that there are many similar cases to ours and in each case it is clear that this is a big investment fraud.

    In 2007 we were on holiday in Resort Properties in Tenerife. On the first morning their rep asked us to go for a meeting. I told them we were already in a holiday club and we were not interested. He said that the membership we had was “not an investment” and went on to explain that he could sell us an investment pack of apartments which we could sell through Resort Properties. He said it would only take 2 years to sell the properties and during this time we were guaranteed an investment return of 15% per annum.

    He said it would only cost £14.995 and we could put it all on finance. Believing it to be a sound investment we signed up and took the finance. Later we realized that the interest rate on the finance was very high, so we used our life savings to pay it off.

    In November 2007 we returned to Resort Properties. We were told that they have changed to the point system and to sell our properties was no longer possible as there was no demand.

    However, if we changed to their deluxe property called Paradiso we could buy a city membership at a cost of £29.950. They would then be able to sell this property for us easily within 2 years for a profit of around £20.000.

    Again, we were told that this could be financed via Barclays Finance. We cannot understand how we qualified for this finance as we told them we were not home owners and we are on a limited income which is by means of pensions only. Our joint income is well under £2.000 per month and after we paid the rent etc this does not leave us with a great deal.

    He said that getting the finance was no problem and in order to meet the monthly repayments they would buy back our original “investment” for £7.000 so that we had money to meet the finance repayments for the next 2 years until they sold Paradiso for us.

    Reluctantly we agreed, we felt that getting £7.000 back was better than nothing and if in 2 years we would get £20.000 we would recover our losses and walk away from this mess.

    Of course nothing happened like they promised.

    4 years on we still have our “investment” which doesn’t generate one penny. Worse than this we have the burden of £366.12 per month which we have to pay Barclays Partner Finance – we cannot pay this off because we used our life savings to get out of the first agreement -AND on top of this we have to find another £500 every year for the annual maintenance fee.

    We simply cannot afford this – and Resort Properties knew this. The have lied and cheated us and im sure they lied to Braclays too – how else would we get finance we can’t afford to repay? We are pensioners living on very limited means?

    The stress of all this is unbearable and has seriously affected both mine and my wife’s health. How can they continue to lie and cheat people this way?

    Thankfully my lawyer is now dealing with my claim and the day these people are arrested cannot come soon enough for me.


  8. Trevor says:

    Having read your blog we are both saddened and angry by the fact that there are so many people like us. We have also been a victim of the Resort Property/Silverpoint investment fraud and we are taking both companies and their employees to court. I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to do the same ASAP because this has to be stopped.

    Please post our experience on your blog as a warning to others.

    Initially we bought three Beverley Hills timeshare weeks from Resort Properties and were assured that these were purely for investment and that they would be sold by them at a profit to us within a year. This did not happen and we were left with three annual maintenance fees. Resort Properties advised us to greatly reduce the price to ensure a sale within 12 months. Again this did not happen.

    At our next visit we were talked into buying into a City membership in Club Paradiso with the assurance that if we did this they would resell after two years when we would get our initial outlay back and probably even more. Again this did not happen resulting in us being left with an ”over/large” portfolio which meant that we were incurring huge annual maintenance charges.

    Resort Properties offered to take the Beverley Hills properties from us if we would upgrade the Paradise City Membership at an extra cost to ourselves and of course extra annual fees. The three transactions with Resort Properties cost us approximately £39,000 and in spite of continual assurances and verbal promises to the contrary we have yet to receive a penny return from Resort Properties.

    At no time were we ever told, either verbally or in writing that the maintenance fees could rise and were not given any forecast of this. We were also asked to pay a deposit in each of the three cases and were never offered a cooling off period.

    In summing up these properties were all sold to us on the strict understanding that they were for investment or we would never have gone along with them as the type of holidays that timeshare offers is in complete contrast to the type of holidays we enjoy.

    These purchases have caused considerable stress to us both.


  9. admin says:

    Hi Everyone

    I have received a few comments from readers who think I have been unfair in my comments about the mindtimeshare blog written by Alberto Garcia.

    So, let me make my point very clear.

    I have no doubt that Mr Garcia has indeed helped people who have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous Timeshare/Holiday Club operators. He “outs” the bad guys on his blog and his success is frequently applauded by the RDO.

    In this respect I too applaud his efforts.

    However, the reason I started this blog was because, in my opinion, Mr Garcia is unfairly biased. I believe that he is helping to cover up the fraudulent activities of Resort Properties/Silverpoints because he has a personal interest in doing so.

    I know for a fact that the activities of Resort Properties/Silverpoints have been brought to his attention on many an occasions by those who have been ripped off by them, and I know that he is fully informed about their “ investment” scam. Yet on his blog he has yet to post ONE SINGLE warning about them?

    When I started my blog it was to provide a platform for people like me who had suffered at the hands of Resort Properties/Silverpoints to publish their stories as a warning to others.

    For those of you who think I am being unfair I urge you to read again the stories on my blog and ask yourselves the same question as me. WHY does Alberto Garcia continue to turn a blind eye the biggest timeshare fraud happening right under his nose?

  10. Ann says:

    Please post my experience with Resort Properties/Silverpoints on your blog

    I hope in sharing this information it will act as a warning to others. DO NOT have anything to do with this company. We have endured LIE after LIE after LIE.

    In sheer desperation to try and recover some of our money we have been dragged in deeper and deeper and we are now left in a desperate state.

    NOTHING this company has promised us has materialised. This is just one BIG scam.



    In June 2005 we went on holiday to the Beverly Hill Heights in Los Cristianos, Tenerife as guests of my sister who owns a timeshare. While there we purchased a 2-bed week in the Heights for £7,850.

    In June 2007 we visited the resort again and allowed ourselves to be taken in by a ‘resales opportunity’ where we purchased 10 timeshare weeks at a cost of £20,837.
    We were promised these timeshare weeks would be sold over the course of the next 12 months at a ‘healthy profit’ for us. None were sold.

    In January 2008 we received an invoice for the maintenance of the 10 resale weeks amounting to £3,109. None of the weeks had been sold and we were never told we would be liable for the maintenance for these weeks.

    We visited the resort again in June 2008. After complaining that none of these weeks had been sold it was explained that the agent dealing with our week had left the company and that the market for timeshare weeks was not as good as it had been.
    We were told the best solution for us would be to buy into the exclusive Club Paradiso, at a cost of £25,000, where the prices were currently low but rising rapidly year on year. This would be an ‘excellent investment’ which could be sold in a couple of years for a good profit. Resort Properties would ‘kindly’ sell off our 10 weeks (at a greatly reduced price!). We would be refunded the maintenance fee for 2008 for every week sold before it had occurred in the current calendar year.
    They did eventually ‘sell’ all the 10 timeshare resale weeks for a total sum of £4613.00, a loss of £16,224.00. We received refunds for less than ½ the maintenance fees.
    However we were told, don’t worry you now have a great new product which will make it all back for you……..

    In February 2009 again we went on holidays to the Hollywood Mirage in Tenerife.
    Again we managed to let ourselves be talked into buying a product we didn’t need and were unlikely to use.
    We bought into the Club Paradiso Platinum Membership This ‘great product’ promised to pay us up to £3500 if we chartered out our week every year. This would cover our maintenance fees for both timeshares and make us a nice profit besides! We also wished to upgrade our existing 2-bed apartment as we already had 4 children and another on the way so Resort Properties transferred our 2-bed to a 3-bed for ‘free’. They also paid us £3500 to charter our platinum week for that summer. However they also cancelled our RCI points membership without explaining that they were going to do so.

    In November 2009 again we holidayed in Hollywood Mirage.

    My wife complained that we were very disappointed to lose the RCI points and requested that our membership be reinstated.
    The Sales agent (our 4th different agent in as many trips) offered to reinstate our points membership and ‘change’ our 3-bed week to one with a higher points value. So we bought a 3-bed week at a cost of £5200 and it was agreed that Resort Properties would sell our existing 3-bed week for a minimum price of £4950 (again we were promised that this would easily be accomplished within 6 months).

    In June 2010 again we holidayed in Hollywood Mirage.
    We asked why our 3-bed week was not yet sold and we were told that the economy has slowed sales down and that only expensive products like the Club Paradiso were selling. They offered to try to sell the 3-bed week at a reduced price to the one agreed, I refused to lower the agreed price and increase their profits. We were told that we could not yet sell our City Platinum membership as resales had not yet started on City platinum memberships because the parent company were building 2 new resorts and all the weeks involved in those new resorts were to be sold first before resales would open.

    As it now stands we own a City Platinum Membership, a 3-bed week in Hollywood Mirage Club which is listed for resale (over 2 years and counting) and a 3-bed week in Hollywood Mirage Club (

    We have paid Resort Properties £83,887.00

    We are paying off 2 loans and a substantial sum tied up in our mortgage to cover these costs

    This does not take account of maintenance fees we have paid for weeks we were never able to use.

  11. June says:

    We first bought into Resort Properties with one bed Duplex at the Beverly Hills Club in April 2005. They took a deposit on the day of £500 and the rest we had to get a Bank loan of £ 5950.

    In 2008 we went back to try to sell it and spoke to a man called Stuart O’Dell. He said if we bought into a “investment” block of weeks he would get rid of our Beverly Hills Duplex and we would make money when he sold the investment weeks. We took out a loan for £13310 with Barclays Partner Finance and they took a £1000 deposit on the day.

    We never made any money on the weeks.

    In 2009 we went back and again saw Stuart O’Dell and he said the only way to get out of block of weeks we bought in 2008 was to buy into Club Paradiso City. He said he would give us 6 weeks which they would sell to help pay for our loan of about £22000 they did sell 5** but the last one they didn’t sell so we were left with 2 maintenance fees when he said we would only have one to pay. They said they would sell Club Paradiso City in 2 years and we would make our money back, which never happened, we never heard from them again.

    We felt we were pressured into buying and had to pay £1000 deposit on the day there was never any mention of a cooling off period as a result we now find ourselves in a lot of debt when we never wanted what we were pressured into buying in the first place.


  12. Leonard says:

    In January 2009, we first brought into an investment package with Resort Properties, this package involved the purchase of six timeshares for £25,000. We were informed at this time by the salesman that we would return in one year´s time when they would sell off these timeshares at a small profit to ourselves. We were also informed by him that we would receive one of these timeshare apartments free of charge as a reward for helping the company. The finance for the £25,000.00 would be arranged through Barclay´s Partner Finance.

    I believe the sales person involved was named Chris Chilton or Chilcot. We were also informed that a deposit of £1,000.00 would be required on this day to proceed with the package. We were also informed that once the credit finance had been finalised the credit card slip for £1,000.00 would be returned to us.

    We returned in February 2010, thinking we would be selling off these apartments, when we were informed by the same salesman (Chilton or Chilcot), that the market in timeshare had dropped, and that we would receive nothing like the amount we had paid, that is if he could sell them at all.

    We were advised by him at this time that our best option would be to invest in a club Paradiso package but that the only one available would be a two bedroom apartment as the one bedroom´s were all subscribed to this option he stated would get all our money back plus probably a little more than what we paid once the paradise went into resale which he was confident would happen sometime later in 2010 and at the latest by Autumn 2011. The cost to us would be a further £24,000.00 making a total of £49,000.00.

    We reluctantly agreed to this package because we were informed it was our best option to get all of our money back. We did not have to make any deposit on this occasion we informed the salesman that we would finance the further £24,000.00 oursleves and it would take a short time to raise this money. It was agreed to allow this.

    We returned home after 1 week and began to raise the £24,000.00. We did this in the time scale agreed and the £24,000.00 was made to them, we believe this was by cheque.

    We are now retired persons with little or no savings left as a result of these so called “investments” after paying off the finance obtained through Barclays Partner Finance for the investment package, and also financing the further £24,000.00 ourselves. We believe we were illegally sold these investments and feel cheated.


  13. Peter says:

    Hi Everyone

    After years of been misled, lied to and cheated by Resort Properties we have taken legal actions against the company and against the people who have orchestrated this fraud.

    When we look back my wife and I feel sad, angry and embarrassed that we allowed ourselves to be dragged into this whole nightmare. As pensioners we just wanted to have a little financial security and Resort Properties promised us this. All we have been left with is a mountain of debt.

    I am almost 80 years old and my wife in poor health . Obviously at our age we did not at all buy into this for future holidays, but we were convinced by Resort Properties Sales people that this would be an “INVESTMENT” to make our retirement more comfortable.

    In 1988 we purchased a 1 bed apt at Hollywood Mirage for £5,000.

    In 2001 we were coerced into buying a 2 bed in Palm Beach. We were told that if we did this Resort Properties would sell our week in Hollywood Mirage because we didn’t want to have to find 2 annual maintenance fees. We were assured that our original week would be sold “no problem”

    As they DID NOT SELL Hollywood Mirage, Carl Jenkins from Resort Properties Resales advised us that in order to sell the Hollywood Mirage week we needed to combine it with 3 units from Beverly Hills at a further cost of £5,000. We were told that until the weeks were sold we would benefit from the rental income they would generate.

    Of course none of this happened, none of the weeks were sold and we never received one penny in rental income.

    In 2008 after many telephone calls and never getting to speak to Carl Jenkins personally, we were informed that he was now manager of Palm Beach Sales. When we eventually managed to speak with him he said he” would be able to move our sales on now”. We were invited over to Palm Beach to see him. It was then he introduced us to the Paradiso Club as an “investment package”. In a desperate attempt get rid of the weeks we didn’t want and the maintenance fee burden that came with them we were convinced to take on a £25,000 debt funded by Barclays Partner Finance. The “investment package” included 2 more Beverly Hills units which would be sold to help with the finance payments to Barclays Partner Finance.

    After selling 3 of the units, for only £2,000, we have not had any written correspondence with Resort Properties.

    We have spoken to Jane Burton from the Resort Properties office many times and all she can tell us is that the Paradiso Club will not go on the market until 2015.
    So until then we are stuck with weeks we don’t want, annually increasing maintenance fees we can’t afford and an “ “ investment” which so far has only generated a loss.


  14. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I am afraid to admit that my wife and I have also fallen for this scam.

    I am currently taking legal advice about my own situation and would encourage others in a similar situation to do the same. These people have to be stopped. They think they can rip people off and get away with it because most people are too embarrassed to do anything about it.

    In 2006 we were invited to a presentation by Resort Properties in Tenerife. Accommodation was supplied for us at Holiday Mirage club.

    The presentation was given by a Mr, Paul Hamson who offered us an investment opportunity to purchase a portfolio of eight timeshare weeks owned by Resort Properties. We were led to believe that these would rise in value and they would resell them for us at a profit but that this could only be done after we had owned them for 18 months. The total cost to us was 20,000 GBP.

    We did not buy the weeks to use for holidays – who needs 8 weeks of timeshare? We bought these weeks on the basis that they were an INVESTMENT

    At the time of the sale we were shown a copy of a cheque made out to a previous client for 25,000GBP to “prove” their return on a similar investment.

    In 2008 we contacted Resort Properties regarding the sale of our portfolio of weeks and were advised that due to a downturn in the market it had failed to realize its potential. However, “Luckily for us” Resort Properties acquired a collection of new resorts world wide called Club Paradiso with higher investment potential.

    They offered to sell our original portfolio and re-invest the capital in club Paradiso. According to Mr. Paul Hamson this would provide an opportunity to make up for the money we had lost on the original deal. Of course to we had to make an additional “investment” of ANOTHER 20,000 GBP. and had to take out a loan to do this but it seemed we had no alternative.

    Either invest more money or lose the original investment.

    We were extremely uncomfortable about this as it was all done by telephone but he made it clear that we had no choice if we didnt want to lose everything. We were then put under further pressure when he told us that this was a “one of chance” and was “on the table” for a limited time.

    Afraid of losing everything we reluctantly took up his offer – a decision we now very much regret.

    After being informed that Silverpoints have taken over Resort Properties we have tried to make contact several times. We have been told that Silverpoints “does not have a resale department” and so what do we do now? We are now lumbered with maintenance fees which we cannot afford and an “investment” which Silverpoints now say is worthless.

    What a complete swindle


  15. David says:

    We visited Tenerife in 2006 using our existing RCI timeshare points.

    During this visit to Hollywood Mirage Resort we were given the tour by a Resort Properties salesman to view the potential in purchasing their timeshare product. We explained that we had RCI in place and were not interested in further acquisitions. The salesman was persistent and persuasive, explaining that their “resale investment” product was very popular and there would be an early sale and that would pay off our existing RCI points plan. Their “resale investment” involved purchasing a portfolio of 8 weeks.

    As we stated previously we were not interested in more timeshare weeks but this was presented as an investment opportunity.

    The weeks were offered for a reasonable quick turn around and with the potential of a moderate profit. The subject of maintenance of this portfolio was discussed and the salesman explained that they would recover the maintenance fees from the new purchases.

    However the portfolio did not sell as we were told and we were invited out to discuss our options.

    We came back to Tenerife and a different Resort Properties salesman explained that they could resell the portfolio but we should buy into another scheme, Club Paradiso, as that was selling easier due to its locations. ie the Caribbean and Middle East. To round off the package and additional week in Hollywood Mirage was also included as a show of a good will; this being purchased at a lower rate than the previous portfolio.

    Again, Resort Properties were very clear to state that the resale of the Club Paradiso would be the best option to recover our monies and we would be in profit within 2 years.

    However, we were later advised that the City Membership which we bought was not actually as sellable as we hoped and that the more expansive Island option was a better option.

    Yet another invitation to Tenerife to arrange another upgrade to the Island package. Each time we sat in front of a salesman they were very clear and very persuasive in that each and every upgrade would be resold with a profit. But by now our aim was purely to recover costs and come away even.

    Throughout the progression of deals and upgrades we were constantly told that the maintenance fees would only rise at a small and constant rate. However they rose by an excessive amount, and more than we expected.

    Like many others we now have weeks we don’t want and have never wanted, an “investment” which is worthless and ever increasing maintenance fees which we cannot afford..


  16. David Beech says:

    Many thanks Mrs. Wilson for starting this blog that we came across today. Myself and my wife are in the same situation has yourself and many on this blog. We have paid out £67,000 to Resort Properties/Silverpoint over the years + the added interest to Barclays Partner Finance + maintainance fees. The stories that we read are all too familiar to our own so wont go into details.
    I would like to join with the proceedings to sue Resort properties/Silverpoint. Any further information would be gratefully received.
    Yours sincereley,

    David Beech.

  17. Rebecca Lasen says:

    Well, Well, Well……… The latest News.

    It seems that Alberto Garcia is a very busy man! It is apparent that he has contacts with various banks in the UK! When clients go to banks to make transfers the bank is stopping them and are being advised that it is a fraudulent account, only for the clients to be contacted a few days later by RDO company advising that they can help!!!!

    RDO is a cover up company with Alberto Garcia is a part off and then of course he “helps” the people and convinces them into believing that he will obtain the perfect outcome…….. when infact he is just out to rip people off.

    I would advise that people are on extreme alert for anything to do with RDO or Alberto Garcia as this is a disater waiting to happen. I can confirm from experience that i have lost over 4,000 pounds by my stupidity in believing this man……………

  18. Bridget says:

    Having been offered one week accommodation in Hollywood Mirage, Tenerife, for 99 pounds, as a working couple with three children felt a good deal. One of the conditions was that we would attend a sales presentation. Prior to this we had agreed with each other that we were not interested in buying anything.

    We were given a timeshare holiday presentation by a Salesman from Iceland; who outlined the holidays we could have.

    We said we preferred to go to different places rather than re-visit the same place so he suggested that we should buy apartments they had that could be sold on for us at a profit for us in 6 to 12 months with emphasis on the 6.

    Much time was taken showing us projected figures to “prove” that we could make a clear profit,
    As all our children were intent on university education which is expensive for parents we thought that this might help a little. We agreed to spend 10,000 pounds which were savings we had put aside to help our children but were persuaded to spend 12,000 pounds as a better investment.
    Maintenance fees were only touched on but it was stressed to us that they would not affect us as the re-sale would be completed before the fees were due.

    Once we agreed everything the paperwork was rushed through but as we had spent a whole day we were glad to escape.

    The issues we have are:-

    This was mis-sold to us as an investment.

    We were not told about annual increments in annual fees.

    It is completely impossible to talk to anyone on the telephone.

    Our children have had to take out loans for university fees.

    We were coerced out of our life savings.

    We were lied to during the presentation and shown paperwork of clients who had made money this way which we do not believe now to be genuine.

    We now know that future annual fees may be passed on in our family and the whole experience has left us devastated.


  19. jean says:

    We were sold a portfolio of timeshare weeks by Resort Properties in Tenerife and told this was purely to be an investment to be re-sold in one year at a profit to us. My partner and I were sold six weeks each at a cost of 25,000 pounds each. In some cases we were sold the same weeks?

    After one year we were supposed to sign a resale letter where we were to make 5,000 pounds over the next six months.

    After one year we were told that they had not been sold because of the economic climate and then we had to pay 2,300€ maintenance!

    By January 2011 we were told that Silverpoint had now taken over and that the only way to get our money back was to make a further “investment” of 5,000 pounds each and exchange all twelve apartments for one 5 star penthouse in Hollywood Mirage

    In total we have now given 60,000 pounds and have virtually nothing to show from this and feel we have fallen victim of a carefully contrived scam.

    This has left us both emotionally and financially exhausted at a time in our lives when we should be enjoying our retirement in comfort,


  20. Geoffrey says:

    We have been a timeshare owners since 1986 and exchanged into Resort Properties in 2008.

    We were invited to a short talk about Beverly Hills Resort, but were subjected to many hours of high pressure sales techniques by one of their salesman. On more than one occasion, we stated that we wished to leave because
    a) we didn’t wish to purchase a timeshare
    b) we had left our son alone in the apartment with no money and no key to lock up with if he went out.

    After approximately 6 hours, we eventually capitulated and agreed to one of their resale packages by purchasing 3 separated weeks.

    During the contract process, we were not given enough time to scrutinise the contract. We tried to read it but we were constantly interrupted by questions and explanations. The result was that we were effectively forced into signing without having read and checked the contract carefully.

    Because of the agreement we entered, we were not given any information about maintenance fees. The agreement made provision for us to buy three weeks and for two of those weeks to be sold within 12 months. As the first year maintenance was free, there would be no need to know the maintenance fees for the second and third weeks as we would never be liable for them. This, of course, was not true.

    The sale of the second and the third weeks did not happen and when we checked the contract, we discovered that those provisions had not been included in the contract in the first instance.

    We believed that we had the right to cancel the contract. Within a couple of days we wanted to withdraw from the agreement, but, when we visited the office, there was no one there. We were therefore unable to take any action.

    On checking the contract, we discovered that out original timeshare which had been taken as part exchange was not mentioned on the contract and no trading value was mentioned. What had happened to it?

    In short, we feel that we were subjected to high pressure, aggressive and oppressive sales techniques. We were harassed and hurried whenever we asked the reasonable questions. The salesman lied to us, in full knowledge that he was lying. He set out to mislead us and obtain our money through fraudulent means.

    We both feel angry and foolish. We cannot understand how we, two sensible people, were so comprehensively pressurised into entering this unreasonable contract.

    We are both embarrassed by our naivety and neither of us had been able to talk to anyone else about it. We find it hard enough to talk about it to one another! We want to terminate this agreement and to regain our own self-respect and judgement.

    We also believe that a fraud on this scale, committed by Resort Properties should be challenged by, the R.D.O. and the O.T.E. which are the organizations that had been set up by the timeshare industry to protect customers in our position. We feel that our only recourse is to pursue Resort Properties through the Courts.


  21. ron and mary warr says:

    Like so many other people we bought intoClub Paradisio for the whole point of investment being assured that they would be up for sale iwthin the next two years. Now we are left with bank loans wecannot afford and no possibility ofselling in the near future. We had loans from Barclays and would be interested in your work and info.

  22. Fred says:


    Unfortunately we have fallen victim to the same scam.

    We were on holiday in 2000 in Hollywood Mirage. We were invited to short meeting to investment into buying an apartment that would eventually be resold for a profit. Because of the purchase we were entitled to use the apartment. When we returned we were pressurized into buying more upgrades. Each time we were told they would be sold for a profit, and that until they were sold they would generate us a profit of around 15% per annum. This went on year after year until our last upgrade in 2007.

    These meeting would often take many hours trying to persuade us that what we were doing would be of benefit to us, that our new purchases would be resold and we would benefit financially from the resale.

    There was no mention of maintenance fees and the fact that they increased year after year due to the upgrades. In all transactions deposits were taken from us on the day of the upgrade.

    We feel we have been misled and conned into these purchases as none of the apartments purchased were ever resold.

    Our purchases were supposed to be an additional investment to enrich our savings during our pension years – instead they are just a financial burden


  23. AJ says:

    In February 21 2008 we stayed at the Beverly Hills Club Resorts, a member of Silverpoint, formerly Resort Properties.

    We were asked to attend a meeting to discuss the purchase of a timeshare week at the resort. At the meeting which took over four hours we were pressured into making an investment by purchasing eight timeshare units with a verbal guarantee that they would be sold for a profit by the following year. When we advised that that we did not have the £25,000 required for the transaction we were given the option of a 6 months interest free loan from Barclays. We eventually accepted that option and a £1,000 deposit was taken on the day. On our return home and on closer examination of the documentation we realized we could not contact the company to cancel the deal.

    To eliminate a third party and free ourselves from the extortionate interest rate we paid off the Barclays loan. On March 29th 2008 we received a letter confirming our payment of the outstanding funds. This letter also contained comprehensive contact details, which were nonexistent on previous correspondence.

    The following year when no sale was reached we contacted the resort and eventually spoke to a member of staff, Vicky Bryant, who advised that the same company we purchased our investment from, Resort Properties, was a recognized resale company with OTE and they were pursuing our case.

    On investigation of our documentation we realised the completion statement contradicted the verbal agreement with the sale agent. We were never able to contact the agent who sold us the units. We were not given a calculation of future maintenance fees or information of our rights of cancellation. We were told at the time and in subsequent newsletters that the report constantly maintained its gold crown status with RCI, yet we were/are unable to bank two of the weeks with RCI, and have not received an explanation from resort properties for this breach.

    We are now actively pursuing a claim action case against both Resort Properties and Silverpoints for fraud. The only reason we bought the timeshare weeks was on the basis of what we were promised. That they were an investment with a guaranteed annual return and, that the weeks would be sold within 3-5 years for a profit. Of course this was just a scam.


  24. Christopher says:

    In 2009 we attended a presentation in Hollywood Mirage which took all day,

    We were told about an investment package which they would start to resell for us at a profit starting one year after purchase. The rep’s name was Adam (Don’t remember his surname)

    Of course like the rest of the people who have commented on your blog this has never happened despite repeated requests.

    We are having to pay the maintenance each year for these properties (we own 2 one bedrooms and 1 two bedroom in Beverly Hills Club; one bed Deluxe in Hollywood Mirage and two Studios in Palm Beach Club) which currently comes to 1900£. We were told it would all be sold for us within two years and we are now moved on 3 years with no indication that we will ever get any money back.

    At the time of the presentation the deposit of a £1000 was taken which was returned to us.

    The finance of £25.000 with Barclay Partner Finance at over 400£ a month is now crippling us as we are not able to retire due to the payments for the loan and the maintenance.

    We have been deliberately conned. This is a premeditated scheme designed to rip off as many people as possible. There was never any intention to generate a return for us or to sell the weeks at a profit.

    We feel very angry that this illegal practice is still continuing and I hope that together with everyone else we can get these criminals brought to justice and in doing so get our money back once and for all.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mrs Wilson

    I have been following your blog since it was first launched.

    I agree with you 100% that these crooks at Resort Properties/Silverpoints have to be stopped.

    What I don’t understand, is that given the huge amount of people claiming against Resort Properties, WHYdoes the RDO/ALBERTO GARCIA still refuses to acknowledge the criminal actions of one of its BIGGEST members and contributors??

    I know for a FACT that 115 cases have been submitted to the court in Tenerife against Resort Properties. The criminal court reference is 0001943/2011 – I also know for a FACT that this information has been passed onto ALBERTO GARCIA so why haven’t they gone public with it?

    For the RDO to have one of its biggest members involved in such a huge scale fraud is off course a huge embarrassment to them, not to mention a massive setback for the work they have been doing trying to rid the industry of such criminals but surely its time they did something?

    Why don’t they SUSPEND Resort Properties until they can investigate this matter properly?

    Why don’t they suspend ALBERTO GARCIA for his part in all of this? DO they know ALBERTO GARCIA has criminal denuncias against him in Germany AND in Spain?? Do they know he is COVERING UP one of the biggest frauds in timeshare history?

    The RDO MUST know what’s going on right?

    Silverpoints has just issued a newsletter to its members headed FRAUD ALERT – how ironic is that!

    In the newsletter it refers to Paul Garner Bougaard, Chief Executive of RDO and states he works closely with the police to tackle timeshare fraud! Paul Garner Bougaard DO YOU ACTULALY KNOW WHATS HAPPENING? DO YOU EVEN KNOW THEY ARE USING YOUR NAME IN THEIR NEWSLETTERS? DO YOU EVEN CARE? ARE YOU PART OF THE EMBARRASING COVER UP?

    My question to the RDO is that when this goes public, which it will very very soon, WHAT WILL YOU SAY?

    Will you claim ignorance? Will you say you didn’t know? Come on!!



  26. Michael says:

    We were given a one week holiday in Tenerife as a reward for attending a presentation at full Circle Holidays. As part of the deal we needed to attend a short presentation about the properties we would be staying in.

    We took up this offer and attended Beverly Hills Club during April 2005.

    During this time a sales woman called Anna Clencross came to see us and arrangements were made to attend this “short” presentation.

    At approximately 10 o’clock she collected us and took us to look at the apartments in Beverly Hills Heights and Paradiso. Following this we attended the “short” presentation which lasted EIGHT HOURS. At the end of which we had reluctantly purchased four weeks of accommodation as an Investment which we were assured would be sold on within 12 months.

    The sales woman sought the assistance of a manager who said that he would put together a good investment package. My wife kept saying “No”. His response was “Why?” and then he said that if we hadn’t got the money we could get a loan from TESCO. We were constantly told that this was a good investment opportunity as they would be resold at a 20% profit within a year.

    Maintenance fees were glossed over but we were told they would be minimal and we would not be liable because they would be resold before incurring any fees, however, they came as a surprise rising very quickly and are a constant added expense.

    We have not returned to the properties and therefore have not used any of these 4 weeks purchased.

    Over all, the deceit displayed and the lies spoken at the time continue to cause us the utmost distress and embarrassment.


  27. Richard says:

    We were offered the opportunity of a free holiday in Tenerife with no strings attached apart from attending a brief presentation. We made it clear that we were not interested in purchasing timeshare or similar holiday packages.

    We attended a presentation as requested during which we advised that this was not timeshare, but a holiday club ownership. After declining again we were offered an investment opportunity. This consisted of a number of small units. By way of illustration, examples from other clients’ investments and successful resale were shown where the resale price was more than the original purchase price with a return within one year. Our personal salesperson was Josephine, who was very persuasive. She had an answer for all of our objections and challenged us in such a way that to avoid confrontation we had to agree with her.

    We were assured that the money we were using for this purchase would be available in time for our children’s school fees and therefore this was a short term investment. To avoid an increase in the cost of the investment a deposit had to be made that day and was finally agreed very late in the day.

    As the units would be sold within the year there would be no maintenance charges therefore no details provided. Certificates of purchase and ownership were retained for quick sale purposes. Phone numbers were given for open access to the sales team and assurance of regular updates given.

    The weeks were not sold within the year, so we returned to Tenerife for a holiday at the resort and visited the sales office.

    We were told that due to a fall in demand the re-sales were slow and the occupancy for our weeks had been zero. Therefore no income for lettings was received, which had also been promised.

    The sales team understood our dissatisfaction and offered different a investment opportunity in the form of an ‘Ocean’ in Club Paradiso in exchange for relinquishing the existing weeks and paying an additional investment of £20k. After many hours of pressure we agreed, just to escape the sales office.

    We then spent the rest of the holiday avoiding sales personnel by hiring a car and going out from early morning until late evening and to the extent that we crept out of the apartment very early on our last day. The anxiety this caused was immense leading to sleepless nights and panic attacks!

    When we came to our senses, the first thing we did was try to cancel The Club Paradiso agreement.

    • We were sold a mixture of one and two bedroom weeks. The former being unsuitable for family holidays.
    • None of the weeks were consecutive restricting personal use, particularly as children were still at school, demonstrating that this was for investment not for holiday.
    • Certificates of ownership were eventually sent to us after demanding them when we realised that we may have been taken advantage of and it was becoming apparent that there was no intention to resell these weeks.
    • Maintenance fees are a burden and were not advised at purchase. These have increased year on year.
    • We have more weeks than we can reasonably use as we do not have that number of weeks holiday each year.
    • Minimal information about exchanging through RCI and their costs was provided.
    • Two weeks were initially not released to RCI and we had to request this be done.
    • One week was reclaimed for non-payment of one maintenance charge. However we are not aware of having missed any payments. Having become aware of the minimal resale value of these weeks, we did not pursue this in preference for reduced maintenance fees in future, especially as we couldn’t use that week again within 3 years due to restriction on the occupancy.
    • Over the 7 years we have constantly tried to find a way out, without success, as this increasing burden becomes more unbearable.
    • Holidays were spoilt through having to hide.
    • This was definitely purchased as an investment.
    • We received no returns, rentals or resale money, ever, from Resort Properties.
    • We do not want to burden the children with this legacy after our deaths.

    We want out! We feel that we have been conned in a fraudulent manner by a company that has no regard for the law or their clients. We realise now that the certificates are worthless and we have lost a substantial sum of money. This has put us in a very difficult financial position in order to fund our children’s ongoing education.

    Stress and panic attacks have not only been experienced on holiday, but also at home. We feel foolish and embarrassed to have been sucked in to this scam. We want no more to do with Resort Properties or their successors in title or association.

    We are taking legal action against Resort Properties and our lawyer has advised us that there are many many other ordinary people who, like us, have been the victims of a well-orchestrated criminal fraud.

    To any one even thinking of dealing with Resort Properties – think again. This bunch of crooks has had lied and cheated us out of life savings.

    Don’t become another victim.


  28. Ex-Employee says:

    Dear Mrs Wilson

    I was a sales rep at Silverpoints for a very short time.

    In that time I was witness to some terrible practices. The lies told to the clients and the cheating was all just part of a normal working day.

    Please post my comment on your blog as a warning. These people are expertly trained to make you believe they are your “friends “ but they are nothing more than disingenuous, money hungry con artists. Having spent time with these people I know this for a fact.

    The top management of this company INCLUDING directors are fully aware of the fraudulent practices being carried on throughout their company and if they say anything to the contrary then they are all LIARS.

    When I first started to work for Silverpoint I underwent 3 days of “life coaching” with Jo Cuthill. During these three days we were taught the “dos” and “don’ts” of selling.

    The “dos” were simple

    • Befriend the client
    • Spend time to get to know them ( minimum 4 hours)
    • Gain their trust
    • Build up the companies credibility
    • Sell the product

    And the “don’ts” even simpler

    • Never sell the product as an investment
    • Never tell the client they will make a profit from their purchase.

    The importance of the don’ts were drummed into us every day

    We were told they were part of the compliance with the RDOs code of ethics and must be strictly observed at all times.

    My first day on deck was amazing. The lights went down and disco lights flashed as music played loudly. Abdu, one of the reps got onto the “stage” and the whole of the team danced, and then Mark Cushway stood and gave us a great speech about the future of the company and how well people were performing. He explained how much money you could make and awarded his top sales people with the much coveted sales pins – which the sales reps wore with pride.

    It really was a very exciting and high energy start to the day and with my “official” training period over I couldn’t wait to get started.

    Of course my euphoria didn’t last.

    In a very short term I learned that behind the smokescreen of this “ law abiding” company was a pack of ruthless, cheating individuals who preyed on people’s vulnerability.

    Everything we were taught during our training days was just a show – the reality was very very different.

    On my first day I went out with a team leader called Peter Winchester.

    His first clients were an elderly couple in their eighties who, through Resort Properties had upgraded several times and owned several weeks. They were very unhappy with their “investment” in the sun seeker boats. During the meeting they became very upset and agitated. At first this was a shock to me but over the next few days I saw many other similarly distressed clients.

    Peter calmed the situation by explaining that the boat “investment” they purchased from Resort Properties was useless and what they really needed was a “land investment” within the Paradiso collection offered by Silverpoint. He told them that Silverpoint had a fund to get people out of the investments that Resort Properties and if they signed up today he could offer them a very attractive discount.

    I was a little confused at this stage.

    I was told in training NEVER to use the term “investment” but here was my team leader selling the client a Silverpoints “land investment”? And during the rest of the week I continued to observe reps and managers selling this “investment” product?

    After observing a rep called Leanne Pardon sell a client 3 “investment” weeks with guaranteed rental income for 15.000€ I asked what was going on? What was I missing?

    She explained that this was the companies ARRP (Anchor Resort Rental Program) and that she couldn’t tell me about it “officially”

    I wasn’t sure what she meant by “officially” so I enquired further. Leanne was happy to explain that before Silverpoints took over Resort Properties they had had a lot of problems because of their “investment pitch”. Resort Properties were selling clients an investment product that didn’t actually produce any returns whatsoever.

    She said that Silverpoints couldn’t be seen to be selling such an “investment” product as it was against the code of ethics of the RDO so to get around it all new reps were told NOT to sell the product as an investment during training, but once out of training the managers would teach the reps the real “investment” pitch on the sales deck.

    She confirmed that the Silverpoint ARRP was basically the old Resort Property Investment pitch and that nothing had changed. The company name may have changed but the people, managers and product were exactly the same. In fact she said it was even better because by claiming Silverpoints was a new company they could extract more money from the clients!

    I was now starting to get the picture.

    During the next few days I was asked to contact the old Resort Properties clients staying at the resort. My task was simple. I was told to tell them that Silverpoint had now taken over and things were changing, I was to tell them that Silverpoint was there to help them and sort out all the problems that Resort Properties had created.

    Whilst trying to get in contact with the clients the extent of their frustration was blatantly obvious
    Some of them wouldn’t answer the door when I called, some would simply shout at me through the door and those that did open the door were more often than not extremely abusive.

    Almost all the clients’ stories were the same. They had purchased up to 8 apartments from Resort Properties with the promise that they would be sold for a financial gain within 2 years only to find that several years later they were still not sold and they were stuck with high maintenance charges.

    These clients were sympathized with but then told the only way they could recover their “investment” from Resort Properties was to buy into Silverpoints AARP – another “investment”

    During the next few days I was witness to some very distressing scenes. On one occasion a rep called Debbie Tervit told an elderly couple who were in tears that the only way out of their mess was to invest in the Silverpoints AARP and then proceeded to take a substantial amount of money off them knowing they were both on pensions and couldn’t afford it.

    I also witnessed 2 owners threatening ex resort Property reps ( who were now working for Silverpoints) because the investment properties they had sold them had not generated them a penny and they were stuck with weeks they didn’t even want.

    It was common practice to see reps running and hiding from clients. Most of them were old Resort Property reps who were trying to avoid any confrontation with the client. In fact even our training manager hid one day when a client came into the deck that she had sold 8 properties to. She found this amusing.

    By now I was struggling with the whole concept so I asked my sales manager Peter Warbridge what my problem was. He looked at a rep called Adam Feli and asked him to answer; Adam laughed and said you aren’t lying. Peter nodded in agreement and went back to his computer.

    Shortly after I left Silverpoints.

    I hope all the victims of Resort Properties/Silver points get their money back and that all these crooks get exactly what they deserve – jail time.

  29. Gary Millward says:


    I sent a comment to Alberto Garcia about 3 months contacting him regarding my mis sold timeshare. At the time he said he couldnt help me and never posted my comment on his blog he advised me to use an RDO affiliate as the best course of action. Obviously after finding this blog i didnt bother contacting the RDO as their memberships arnt worth the paper they are written on. Now here comes the interesting bit ive now been contacted by Silverpoint looking at trading in my timeshare for an investment product with them. I have never given my details out to anybody apart from http://www.mindtimeshare.me and this site. Seems very strange how timeshare owners contact him and then Silverpoint then come in contact with me, is mindtimeshare a lead generation site for silverpoint…..hhhmmmmm seems to be that way!!! Has anybody else had the same experience???

    • Gary Millward says:

      Found this on another site from a couple of years ago, this alberto Garcia just gets dodgier as the days go by…..HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!

      Also Alberto Garcia ? the ex head of security for Anfi ( now working for the OTE in Madrid) is being sued criminally in Germany by Anfis ex CEO Eugen Kaiser for the part he played in trying to ruin his business. Alberto Garcia is still receiving cash from Anfi for his help in covering up the fact that they are taking deposits illegally ? so make sure you report him too.- Anfi member

  30. John Clark says:

    Dear Mrs.Wilson thanks for starting this web page,glad to hear Resort Properties /Silver points are part of a criminal investigation now, its about time, as they have conned so many trusting people out of huge amounts of money and caused them so much stress ,me and my good wife included.We are part of the large group of people taking them to court in Tenerife,our case has now been placed with the criminal court no.3 lets hope the criminals involved get what they deserve-jail.

  31. wendy and vince says:

    JUST FOUND THIS SITE and l could cry ,which l have done alot the past few years , it just like everyone else here . we where conned to . we sat for 5 hours or there abouts with a disabled son in wheelchair ,couldn’t get away from them .got timeshare weeks then got conned into club paradisio which they said would sell on the next year at a profit to us ,which we thought at tha time would be good because then we could take our son of to florida to swim with the dolphins ,before we knew it we had hollywood mirage to for 2 weeks . mark said if we didn’t want to use it

  32. wendy and vince says:


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