Another Victory

Dear Mrs Wilson,

Congratulations on your recent victory against Resort Properties.

I think your readers will be interested to know that I too won my case today but against Anfi.

The judge declared my contract Null and Void because my contract did not comply with the Timeshare Law and I am delighted that he awarded me 70.000€!! This covers the price I paid on my contracts, double the amount of the deposits I paid, all my legal fees and interest!

I am absolutely delighted.

I cannot thank enough my lawyer and the whole team at ReclaimGC for making this happen.

When I first contacted ReclaimGC I don’t mind admitting I was a bit skeptical – I too has read all the things Alberto Garcia has posted about this company but I had been referred to them by one of their other clients.

From the moment I met the team at ReclaimGC my fears evaporated. What a lovely and professional bunch of people they are and as you said THEY DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED.  The lawyer who they referred me to was excellent and the results speak for themselves.

I would definitely recommend ReclaimGC to anyone who feels they have been misled or miss sold by a timeshare company.

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Finally its over

Dear Readers


This week I received the FANTASIC news that after 2 years in the making I have WON my case against Resort Properties/Silverpoints in Tenerife.


The judge ruled in my favour regarding various infringements in my contracts and ordered Silverpoints to pay me back ALL THE MONIES I HAVE PAID THEM PLUS THE JUDGE DECLARED THE CONTRACT NULL AND VOID.



The judge also recognised that no matter what Silverpoints were saying the fact is Silverpoint has been representing Resort Properties in Spain and are therefore liable for them. This is fantastic news for everyone who was told by Silverpoints that what happened to them at the hands of Resort Properties is nothing to do with them.


To everyone who has posted on my blog I know you can appreciate what a huge weight off my shoulders this is and I would like to thank RECLAIMGC for all their help.


Resort Properties/Silverpoints scammed me out of ALOT of money and now, to get that money back is something I didn’t think was ever going to happen. I tried for many years to resolve my issues with this resort myself and got absolutely nowhere. Every time they just continued to lie to me and cheat me out of even more money.


I cannot express enough my gratitude to RECLAIMGC. Throughout the whole process, which from the very beginning they told me would take some time, I have nothing but praise for them – THEY DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED. Many thanks to them, many thanks to my lawyers and indeed to everyone involved in making this happen.


I also want to take this opportunity send out a message about ALBERTO GARCIA.  You will all have read about him on my blog.  His “Consumer Association” Mindtimeshare has been very vocal about RECLAIMGC – he has posted many slanderous comments about them and the work they do.




I have always believed that this man is indeed what everyone says – just a corrupt ex-police man who works for Resort Properties/ Silverpoints. I also believe that his “Consumer Association” is just a smoke screen which he hides behind. The ONLY purpose of his site is to post lies about the companies helping victims like you and me and to try and frighten you away from making a claim. His “Consumer Association” should be renamed “Consumer Association Excluding Consumers Who Have Been Ripped Off By Timeshare Companies”


Today I have been made aware that there is an email in which Lianne Mortimer of Silverpoints is clearly discouraging one of the Resort Property victims from taking action against them with Reclaimgc. She copies the email to Alberto Garcia AND Mark Cushway. Ablerto Garcia has said on MANY occasions that he is independent from timeshare companies who are members of the RDO and here is CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT HE IS A LIAR. He also says that he is not aware of any wrong doings of any RDO members – ANOTHER LIE!! This email will become public very soon and then we will see what Mr Garcia has to say.


Until then I hope for everyone who has been ripped off by Resort Properties/Silverpoints – especially all those people who have posted their terrible stories on my blog that my case proves beyond doubt that these crooks can be held accountable and that my victory paves the way for the rest of you.


For those of you already in the process of making a claim good luck!


For those of you still unsure I can definitely recommend the services of RECLAIMGC!!


Thank you again to the whole team involved in my case.


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